Excerpts from: An Inexpensive Cap for Attic Stairs

Energy Design Update

The least expensive available stair cover, the Battic Door. The Battic Door is a bottomless 13 1⁄2-inch deep cardboard box sized to cover standard pull-down attic stairs. Three sizes are available to fit 22”x54”, 25”x54” or 30″x54″ stairs. The Battic Door is shipped flat, in a 26”x51” package. Assembly is simple.

The Battic Door comes with a package of 3⁄4-inch wide foam weatherstripping to install at the perimeter of the stair jamb.

The Battic Door reduces exfiltration. To increase thermal resistance, a $99.50 “BEST kit” is available.
The Battic Door costs $29.50 – $99.50 plus shipping. Competing products cost over $200 and are not insulated to R-50. For weatherization contractors looking for an inexpensive way to cut down on exfiltration at attic stair openings, the Battic Door is worth considering.

For more information, contact Mark Tyrol, Battic Door, P.O. Box 15, Mansfield, MA 02048-0015. Tel: (508) 320-9082; Fax: (508) 339-4571; E-mail: info@batticdoor.com; Web site: www.batticdoor.com.

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