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We have developed and offer several energy conservation products for the home that are designed to stop drafts through the five most overlooked intentional openings in the house: the attic stairs, the whole house fan, the fireplace, the clothes dryer, and the bathroom fan.

Just about almost any homeowner can use and benefit from one or more of our products. Our products have been engineered to provide the easiest, quickest installation; provide the highest level of performance; offer high value and fast payback. By constantly improving the performance and value of our products, and by consistently developing and adding new products to our store, we have rapidly become the leader in providing innovative, low-cost, "green" solutions for air leakage control and related energy conservation problems in the home.

Our products are manufactured in the U.S.A., and we are proud to support several local sheltered workshops that provide dignified and meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities.