Mold and Mildew

High indoor humidity levels often cause condensation on cold surfaces such as windows. If moist air is allowed to get into the attic, more serious problems may arise, such as mold, mildew and rotting wood beams. Failed roofs and the … Read more

Light Touch

Light Touch – A Monthly newsletter from Danvers, MA Public Works Division Excerpt from an article by Pamela Irwin Do you have folding stairs that go up to your attic? If they are NOT insulated, they are a major heat/cooling … Read more

The State Newspaper

Written excerpts from an article by Danny C. Flanders You’ve built a house with materials carrying the highest insulation values and installed the most energy-efficient heating and air system. Yet your monthly power bills leave you scratching your head. Look … Read more

Living in South Carolina

Excerpt from: A Monthly publication from South Carolina Electric Cooperative, Inc. – by Larry Cribb Are you heating and cooling your attic? You probably have a hole in your ceiling which causes your heating and air conditioning bills to escalate, … Read more

Excerpts from: An Inexpensive Cap for Attic Stairs

Energy Design Update The least expensive available stair cover, the Battic Door. The Battic Door is a bottomless 13 1⁄2-inch deep cardboard box sized to cover standard pull-down attic stairs. Three sizes are available to fit 22”x54”, 25”x54” or 30″x54″ … Read more

Save Money and Energy With New Products – By Jim Neidner Dear Jim: Is there any product on the market that can stop air leakage around my disappearing stairway to the attic inside my home? During the cold winter months I get cold temperature transfer and … Read more

Want a Winter Windfall?

Realty Times – by Diane Benson Harrington Investigate the fireplace. Any birds’ nests in the chimney? Is the flue well sealed? Repair any loose mortar and replace the chimney cap, especially if you have trees nearby that might give small … Read more

Hudson, MA Light & Power Customer Newsline

Free Shipping on Battic© Door! If you have a folding ladder stairway to your attic, then you may be interested in the Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover with Reflective Insulation. Most folding attic stairways are not insulated and can be … Read more