TC1000-H Solid Roof/Wall Home Ventilator


The TC1000-H is the only ventilating fan designed and assembled in the USA for use in a solid roof or wall applications. This single-speed ventilator has two energy-efficient fans that move 800 cubic feet of air per minute. This is the perfect fan for A-frame construction or homes without an attic.

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The TC1000-H is a wall or roof-mounted fan. It provides ventilation for homes without attics and is perfect for A-frame construction. The TC1000-H features two energy efficient fans that circulate 800 cubic feet of air per minute*. Its motorized R8-insulated damper opens while the fan is running and seals closed when the fan is not in use. The damper prevents air, insects, rain, and other outside elements from entering the home.


  • Two energy-efficient fans circulate 800 CFM* (one speed)
  • For solid roof or wall applications
  • Perfect for A-frame construction and homes without attics
  • Equipped with a motorized R8 insulated damper seals when not in use
  • Comes with single throw wall switch
  • Maintenance-free
  • Simple, standard 14-3 or 12-3 Romex wiring
  • Available in brown or white
  • Optional interior grille
  • Standard 3-year limited warranty¬† |¬† Optional extended warranty

Please allow 1-2 weeks for order to be shipped. Verify TC1000 flange size prior to ordering. The TC1000 is a custom-built unit. Returns are not accepted.

*CFM (cubic feet per minute) rates are measured in a controlled test environment. Your results may vary due to building construction.

** Use model # TC1000-HC for orders to California **

Product Specs

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Product Specifications for the TCK-HB and TCk-HW




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TC1000-H Solid Roof/Wall Home Ventilator White
TC1000-H Solid Roof/Wall Home Ventilator