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The Cape Backdraft Damper will stop even the slightest amount of air from entering your home through bath fan ducts and dryer ducts. The specially designed sleeve  closes down when the fan or dryer is off preventing any outside air from coming in.   With the fan or dryer on, the Cape Backdraft Damper opens up with almost no resistance allowing your appliance to perform at its maximum efficiency. The specially formulated fabric sleeve allows maximum air flow only in the desired direction. The innovative design is easy to install in existing ducts. Unlike traditional backdraft dampers, the Cape Backdraft Damper has no mechanical parts to worry about sticking open or breaking. This product will make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable. Proudly made in the USA.

The Tamarack Cape Backdraft Damper was featured on the “Today” show.


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Cape Backdraft Damper Information Sheet

Cape Backdraft Damper Spec Sheet


  • Does not rust
  • Fits inside the duct (view here)
  • Maintenance free
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in the USA
  • Color May Vary


  • Bathroom Exhaust
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Kitchen Range Hood*

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As Seen On The Today Show With Lou Manfredini from House Smarts Radio

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*Inspect, clean or replace annually

Spec Sheet

Cape Backdraft Damper Information Sheet

Cape Backdraft Damper Spec Sheet

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Featured on the Today Show:

4 reviews for Cape Backdraft Dampers

  1. Ryan

    I purchased this device because the air duct to my bathroom exhaust fan was always allowing the air from outside the house to flow in through the fan vent. In the winter, cold air would pour in making the bathroom the coldest room in the house, in the summer, it was the hottest room in the house.

    My son just installed it for me, and I could immediate tell that the back draft was eliminated. The warm temps are starting around here, so I’ll really be able to tell if it is making a difference in a short while. It’s an ingenious device that is more efficient than a butterfly damper, and exquisitely simple. As long as the material and attachment points hold up, it will probably be trouble-free and quieter than hinged damper designs.

  2. Ryan

    We have a new house and in the master bath next to our bedroom, the vent flapper would make a banging noise when the wind blew. Replaced it with this and problem solved.

    It has has the advantage of staying closed when not in use so it keeps the bug out of our light. Usually in the summer we had to take the light down about once a week and deal with wasps and other bugs that had gotten trapped in the light.

  3. Ryan

    We got so tired of the flapper in the bathroom fan banging away when it was windy. I installed this device right next to the flapper because I could get access to the exhaust vent and the problem went away! No more clanging and banging when it’s windy!

  4. Ryan

    We had a problem in our home of the Owner’s Bath and Laundry Room (directly below) being as cold as ice in the Winter. We had to resort to space heaters. I finally discovered the dryer vent was not dampened well enough to stop the cold air from coming into the house through the dryer vent.

    I looked around and finally found the Tamarack damper and decided to give it a try. WOW! It worked great!!!

    Our Owner’s Bath and the Laundry Room now maintain the same heat as the rest of the house. The impact of installing the damper was noticed immediately. After I installed it, I asked my wife to come into the laundry room and put her hand into the dryer…she was amazed.

    I heartily recommend this product. We installed it last winter and here almost 1 year later it still is working like a champ!

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