Jossam Indoor Air Quality Test Kit


Now, more than ever, we should all find out as much as we can about the Indoor Air Quality in our homes and offices.

Choose from one of 4 test kits available.

  • Mold and Dust – $44.95
  • Mold, Dust, and Bacteria – $119.95
  • Full Spectrum Test – Includes mold, dust, bacteria, fibers, dander, and soot – $199.95
  • Asbestos Only Test – $104.95



It is important to test the air in your home.  Everyone we know is spending more time indoors so it is worth knowing as much as possible about the quality of air we and our family members are breathing.

You can use the JOSSAM Home Air Quality Test Kit for the following:  your bedroom or home office,  your living area, your RV,  mobile home or pop-up.   Purchase one kit for each area of the home you want to test.

Choose from one of the four kits and place an order today.  You will receive a kit in less than a week.  Follow the instructions in the pamphlet you receive.  In order to conduct the test, you need to have either a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment or access to your forced air furnace filter. 

Once the test is complete, mail the disk to the lab.   The Jossam IAQ Test Kit includes a postage-paid envelope making it very easy to get your results.

You will get a comprehensive report in less than 2 weeks comparing the characteristics of the air you are breathing and the EPA air quality standards.

The evaluation is performed by an accredited lab owned by the parent company of JOSSAM:  Techtron Engineering Inc.

The information you receive from the test lab will help you make informed decisions about the need to ventilate and improve the air in your home. If you need a solution to ventilate your home call our knowledgeable customer service team at 800-222-5932.


Common Questions

What is making me sneeze?

How can I test for mold in my home?

Why does my house have a musty dank smell?

Is my indoor air quality causing illnesses?


Test Results Samples

Click Here To View and Download Asbestos Sample Test Results

Click Here To View and Download Dust and Mold Sample Test Results




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