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Proudly celebrating our 14th year as a leader in home energy conservation!

Since 2003 we have been dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and offering only the highest quality products!

Your satisfaction is our PRIORITY! Here is what many of our customers have to say:
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AMAZING!! The energy bill at John Bristol’s Chevy Chase home fell by $722 over seven months after he installed a pair of $55 Battic Door™ Fireplace Plugs!

BuildingGreen: "The Battic Door™ is a simple and inexpensive product for weatherstripping attic hatches that have folding stairways. The box embeds itself into foam weatherstripping installed on the top of the stairway frame. The unit allows easy access to the attic, while providing an airtight seal when dropped into place. Available in two sizes, insulation kits also available. What makes this product green? - Post consumer recycled material, Reduced energy useage. LEED Credits!"

BuildingGreen - Publishers of Environmental Building News Authoritative Information on Environmentally Responsible Building Design & Construction

Energy Design Update: "The least expensive available stair cover, the Battic Door™. Assembly is simple. The Battic Door™ reduces exfiltration. The Battic Door™ costs $29.50 plus shipping for the Basic Kit and $99.50 plus shipping for the R-50 Kit. Competing products cost $250 and have little insulation. For weatherization contractors looking for an inexpensive way to cut down on exfiltration at attic stair openings, the Battic Door™ is worth considering."

When utility executives develop load management programs, evaluate new technologies, or train residential account reps and supervisors ... when architects look for help in designing cost-effective, energy-efficient homes ... and when manufacturers of windows, insulation, and furnaces want to monitor the competition ... they turn to Energy Design Update.

Habitat for Humanity: "An airtight building assembly is a prerequisite for energy savings, pressure control and ventilation effectiveness. Improved airtightness can be achieved through the use of the Battic Door™ Attic Stair Cover, the Fireplace Draftstopper, and the Dryer Vent Seal. We recommend the Battic Door™."

Habitat for Humanity Improves Lives Around the World. Substandard housing is a problem that plagues individuals, communities and entire nations around the world. Habitat for Humanity is solving the problem of substandard housing. At work in 89 nations, the ministry has housed more than 750,000 individuals in 3,000 communities. Each person touched by Habitat for Humanity whether a homeowner, volunteer or other supporter becomes a force of change, a link in the chain of real solutions to the real problem of inadequate housing in our world.


Re: Fireplace Plug: "I am truly amazed at the positive effect the Fireplace Draft Stopper has produced! Previously, the Living Room was the hardest room to get warm, and keep warm. I used to think it was because we had enlarged that room beyond its previous dimensions, and that the radiators originally installed were now too small or too inadequate to heat the newly-enlarged room. That wasn't the problem at all --- it was that the heat that was produced in the room, went straight up the chimney, without our ever knowing it! Now, the room heats up much faster, and stays warm, without the temperature constantly dropping. We don't have enough praise for this product! I can only imaging what effect your attic stair cover will have! It was a pleasure to meet you, too. Thanks again."

--William D.

Re: Stair cover: "I am a 65-yr old widow and was able to assemble and install the Best attic stairway insulation kit by myself in 15 min. Suffice it to say I am most pleased with this product."

--Janice S.

Re: Furnace filter slot cover: "I wanted to let you know that I received the item that you resent yesterday in the mail. I'm extremely happy with it and appreciate the great customer service! Would definitely recommend your company. Thanks Again!"

--Dawna S.

Re: Shutter seal: "First one worked great. I'm ordering a second one."

--Robert H.

Re: E-Z Hatch Attic Access Door: "Previous customer - great product!"

--John B.

"I Was so pleased to find your web site. More of us need to step up and find ways to conserve energy and save ourselves dollars with the cost of living rising all the time. Thanks for providing these great products."

--Caryl K.

"I appreciate the awesome customer service. You guys are the best!"

--Daylene O.

Re: Stair cover: "We use your stair covers and our clients like them. They said they work well and are easy to move."

--Janice S.

Re: Stair cover: "My husband and I are 77 and 78 years of age. Recently, to make things easier for ourselves, we had attic stairs installed. It's now much easier to get into our attic, but we lost the insulation factor and after these few hot, humid days the temperature in our second floor bedrooms was hard to take. We checked the internet and found on utube a set of instructions for building an enclosure which was certainly doable but would require trips to Home Depot and a great deal of measuring, cutting and probably cussing for a guesstimate of $50. Then out of curiosity, I tried "attic stairs/insulation" and Battic Door™ popped up with the perfect solution: a cover that was insulated, made to fit perfectly with no tools required, all for $99.50. The packages arrived within 3 days of our order. Enclosed were clear, well illustrated directions and we two completed the job in no time. We would recommend your product and operation to anyone. Thank you."

--A. & N. Munroe

"I purchased the Shutter Seal kit for Attic fans. It has worked amazingly well! My AC unit was constantly running due to the heat that came in from our Attic Fan. I couldn't find any products in stores and finally found this online. It was easy to install and it changed my temperature the second I sealed it up. I would recommend this product to others with attic fan insulation issues."

--Luke A.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "We had a blower door test done by an efficiency engineer and found out how much the closed chimney was drafting. He provided details about your company. What an improvement it made!"

--Steve P.

"I had an energy audit, sponsored by Mass Save and National Grid. The auditor gave me your address and recommended your products. Thank you!"

--Robert K.

Re: Stair cover: "I received the kit today and installed it in 15-20 minutes. It was easy and I was pleased with everything. We built our house 15 years ago and I wish I had this from the start. Thanks."

--Jim W.

Re: Stair cover: "The attic stair cover solves a heat loss problem very effectively. The extra insulation, reflective cover, and foam seal complete the deal. I had it in place within about 15 minutes of receiving it."

--William Z.
Re: R-50 Stair cover: "We were astonished at such a simple, effective method of cutting down on energy usage. We don't hesitate to recommend it to our consumers or members as an excellent remedy for this particular insulation problem."

- Dwight A.

Re: R-50 Stair cover: "I am indeed a satisfied customer. It was easy to assemble and install and I expect to experience savings on my electric bill as well as having a more comfortable, warmer house."

-Wally R.

Re: R-50 Stair cover: "This may be the best 120 bucks I've ever spent. I can't believe what a difference the stair cover has made in my heating oil usage! I live in Southern Maine. I installed the stair cover early in November. I am writing this in mid-January. Normally during this part of winter, I would have gone through about 550 gallons of heating oil since that time (2 fill ups on the oil tank). I would say I've gone through more like 300 gallons. At about 2.60 a gallon, that's a savings of over $500. Now, my house is only about 18 years old, and fairly well insulated otherwise. That having been said, I am astonished that something so inexpensive, simple in design and easy to install could result in such a huge savings. Oh, the house feels much warmer, too. I noticed the difference right away, especially in the upstairs hallway where the pulldown attic stairway is."

--Chip A.

Re: R-50 Stair cover: "We need to order 5 of the 25x54 R-50 stair covers. We have had great luck with these. We recently had an audit from D.O.E. on some of our houses. The DOE officials liked the stair covers. Thanks!"

--Harry H.

Re: A very happy Fireplace Draftstopper customer:

"Thank you...and by the way, the product works PERFECTLY...we no longer have a fireplace draft is HOT in Houston...and I think that our electric bill will reflect the difference. A local chimney sweep wanted $1,000.00 to install a top sealing damper. I did some research on the internet, found you all, and now our problem is fixed with a mere $45.00 charge....THANK YOU!!"

--Laura J.

Re: R-50 Stair cover: "Living in CT - we have some cold winters. We had installed new siding recently and have new windows as well. My husband & I have always talked about doing something about our attic door area since we could feel a draft but didn't quite know how to go about this. I did a search online for attic door insulation covers and your website came up. After looking at the praises from other customers, including the EPA & Habitat for Humanity I figured I couldn't go wrong with your attic door cover. I just ordered the Battic door™ on Wednesday evening and received it today... I can't say enough good things about your service and speedy delivery. Mark helped me with measuring the door, as well as helping me with the installation over the phone. I'm definitely not a Tim-the-Tool Man Taylor type of person, and this was such an easy project that even I could do it. I appreciate Mark's patience and helpfulness. Thanks for such a good product and for such good customer service. Best wishes."

--Lynn P.

"Thank you for my order for the Whole House Fan Shutter Seal. When I had my house built in 2001 I had a whole house fan installed and have been searching unsuccessfully ever since for an insulation cover. Over the last 4 years I have periodically searched on the internet for a cover and the closest I ever came were instructions for a do-it-yourself design. I wanted something that would like nice inside the house so I kept on looking for a ready-made kit. I did a Google search yesterday and was delighted to find the product offered by your company. I am glad I finally found you guys. I'm looking forward to receiving the shutter seal kit and installing it this weekend before the heating season starts. Thanks again."

--Dave P.

Re: Whole House Fan Shutter Seal: "Thanks Mark - I spoke with you yesterday evening & I ordered the cover online last night. I appreciate your help & speedy response. Best wishes."

--Lynn P.

RE: Whole House Fan Shutter Seal: I've just installed the attic fan cover. Everything seemed to go smoothly. Thank you."

--Teresa F.

Re: Battic Door Attic Stair Cover: "I think this product is a fantastic idea. You should advertise it more and maybe offer it through Home Depot and Lowe's if possible. Thanks."

--John D.

Re: Clothes Dryer Vent Seal: "This is my 2nd dryer vent I'm buying as a gift. Works great at my house! Thanks."

--John K.

Re: Battic Door Attic Stair Cover: "Finally - we found a place that cares about these innovative heat saving products!"

--Dan G.

Re: Battic Door Attic Stair Cover: "Thank you! You guys have great products! FYI - this is for my 75 year old mother that is hit hard by the elevated fuel prices and is convinced this will help her save".

--Michael P.

"Thank you, great service!"

--William G.

Re: Whole House Fan Shutter Cover: "I read about your product in the Detroit News/Free Press this morning. I decided to try the Whole House Fan Shutter Seal and am pretty sure it will make a difference in our upstairs. Your website is easy to navigate and very informative. I'm impressed. Thanks!"

--Judie G.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Received the Draftstopper this afternoon and installed it immediately So far so good and thanks again."

--Robert A.

Re: Your Great Products!: "I got my Battic Door Attic Stair Cover and Clothes Dryer Vent Seal last week. The delivery man spoke to me about your product. He was impressed and said in place of the blanket he has nailed to his attic he would buy your stair cover. I gave him your web site. I also gave my next door neighbor the web site. I installed the attic stair cover today and already see a difference. It really works!"

--Mike R.

"Thanks for the exceptional customer service. It is most sincerely appreciated. I received the Dryer Vent on time and in excellent condition. I have installed it and it is working great. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to my family and friends." Respectfully,

--George W.

"I purchased the Battic Door attic stair cover. I can't believe the difference it makes! The furnace does not turn on NEARLY as often as it did before. Great product, and worth every penny!"
--Felix F.

"It took us about 20 minutes from unpacking to installing the Battic Door attic stair cover and the R-50 Insulation Kit. Five years ago, I wanted something for the attic door as I could feel the temperature difference as I walked up the stairs to our bedrooms. This system will solve the problem."

--Karen K.

Re: Battic Door attic stair cover "Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I can't wait to use it, especially since we've more cold weather! I will ask my grandparents if they would like me to install one for them. They are 90 & 106 years old! They currently only use a loose strip of fiberglass to cover the stairs (this is what started my search for an insulation/cover for my own attic stairs). My husband just had spinal surgery and had previously wanted to make an insulated wooden one, but I didn't think it was feasible. Your product is much better!!! Thank you!"

--Gabrielle G.

Re: 2 Large Fireplace Draftstoppers: "Thank you. They installed easily and have stopped the drafts."

--Craig O.

"Thank you Thank you for the exemplary service. The Shutter Seal was easy enough to install in a short time. I have no doubt it will do the job intended.

--Steve I.

Re: Whole House Fan Shutter Seal "Awesome product! I am so glad I found your website. I have noticed my air conditioner doesn't kick on as often. Your website was very informative and easy to find, I just typed attic fan cover into my MSN search engine and found your website. The person I talked to was very helpful and kind when I called to place my order. Two thumbs-up for you guys!!"

--Emily H.

"Thank you very much for your quick response and service."

--Amy E.

"I purchased the Battic Door Attic Stair Cover along with the R-50 Insulation Kit for it. This was about 6 months ago. I installed the Battic Door in the attic and it works fine."

--Bruce P.

"I was most pleased to finally find someone making whole house fan covers! Your 30x30 Whole House Fan Cover is what I'm looking for.This is my first winter post-installation and I can't believe the draftiness it has created (although it is a lifesaver in the summer). I finally went up to the attic and threw a comforter over the fan but it hasn't proven to be very effective. Thanks!"

--Marsha M.

"Hello, just wanted to let you know that we did receive the Fireplace Draft Stopper. We installed it immediately. We can't believe how well it works!!!! We don't have anymore smell in our house. Thank you so much for solving our problem. We have been telling everyone about your products."
--Michael E.

"GREAT turnaround time from order placement to receipt (late Sunday ordered; received Tuesday evening). Thanks and Regards."

--Edward F.

"I received my Fireplace Draft Stopper last week and installed it this past weekend. It was easy to install and sealed very well. Best regards and thanks again."

--Ronald G.

RE: Fireplace Draft Stopper: "I received the package late today. I can't wait to install. We have 12 inches of snow here and it's been pretty cold with winds gusting out of the north. I sure hope it keeps the cold air from coming out of the fireplace!!!"

--Sandra B.

"Hi! I placed an order (1 Battic Door stair cover & 2 Bath Exhaust Fan Draft Blockers) with your company on Sunday. I received a shipping notification email on Monday (wow, quick!) and UPS dropped off my order Tuesday! Thanks very much!"

--Richard B.

"I received and installed the Battic Door Attic Stair Cover, fits great! Thanks!"

--Patrick B.

"A great product for insulating the folding attic stair, is the Battic Door Attic Stair Cover. Reader's Digest Nov 2004 issue, Quote: The latest research into home efficiency goes beyond insulation to what building scientists call the whole-house envelope. We've come to realize the importance of sealing air leaks in your home."

--"anonymous", Moorseville, NC

"I just received my Battic Door Attic Stair Cover. Fast shipping, thanks. Very easy to set up. Thanks again."

--Jeff H.

"I just received my Fireplace Plug. It is perfect! Thank you very much! If I meet people who need your products, I will be sure to refer them to you."

--Patricia M.

"I recently bought a Fireplace Plug for my fireplace. It really helps! Thank you so much for the prompt response!"

--Kurt R.

Re: Fireplace Plug: We especially appreciate repeat customers. When making a repeat purchase we received this note: "Love the two Fireplace Draftstoppers I bought!"

--James F.

"Thank you for the super fast service. I am anxious to get the Battic Door Attic Stair Cover and install it before colder weather arrives. I will certainly recommend your company to my friends. Thanks again for the fast service. Your Web site is very user friendly and easy to manipulate. Thanks for making it so easy to order."

--Herschell M.

Re: Battic Door Attic Stair Cover: "What a superb idea! My R-7 kit will be beefed up but I am amazed at your design and ingenuity. It is one of those ideas that is as nifty and applicable as the hand potato peeler! Thank you very much for an easy, functional piece of equipment."

--Bill B.

"I received my Battic Door Attic Stair Cover and covered it with R-19 insulation. It was easy to put together and fit perfectly. Thanks for a terrific product!"

--Bill P.

"I recieved and installed the Battic Door Attic Stair Cover and the Clothes Dryer Vent Seal. I am pleased with everything."

--Gregory S.

"Please send me the Fireplace Draft Stopper. I need to do something about my $500 a month heating bill. Thanks so much for your time and quick service!"

--Angela T.

"Thank you for great customer support."

--Patricia J.

"Your products have merit for residential applications."

--Donald W.

"Looking forward to using your highly recommended products."

--Enrique D.

Re: Battic Door Attic Stair Cover: "Thanks for the speedy reply. By the way, I sent out newsletters to all my clients telling them about your product, and that I installed it in my home. Your business should go through the roof as a result! Thanks for all your help."

--Michael L.

Re: Battic Door Attic Stair Cover: "My order arrived this afternoon. It fit perfectly. Thanks for a pleasurable experience."

--Dave M.

Re: Battic Door Attic Stair Cover: "Read an article about this, gotta have it!"

--Jon B.

"Both the Battic Door Attic Stair Cover and Fireplace Plug are working fine. Great ideas."

--Mark A.

"I purchased one of your clothes dryer vent seals about a year ago. LOVE IT! It works great and has reduced the cold air coming into my laundry room."

--Andy K.

"Thank you for your wonderful customer service."

--Bryan A.

"We had a Battic Door Attic Stair Cover at our other house and it worked great! We want another one!"

--Holly & Billy W.

"I recently purchased and installed the Battic Door Attic Stair Cover. I am pleased with it. Thank you for the products, information and guidance."

--Eric S.

Another area in your home that has a huge air leakage which most people don’t even think about is your fireplace. Closing a damper during summer does not stop your air-conditioning from leaking out; taking with it your hard earned dollars for energy cost.

Two new affordable products recently invented by a professional engineer solve your attic leakage problem and pay for themselves in only a few months. The Battic Door Attic Stair Cover stops air leaks and really seals the attic stairway tight.

"These are the most effective products I have researched."

Insulation kit options maximize the performance of the cover by restoring the insulation removed when the stairs were installed.

The other new product called Fireplace Plug stops air leakage at your fireplace damper.

Both will save you money and are easy to install D-I-Y (do-it-yourself). We must all do what we can to save on our energy consumption."

--Jim N.

"What a great product! The Battic Door Attic Stair Cover is something that we’ve needed since we moved into our home. Our house is heated by electricity, and so energy costs are an obvious concern for us. When we first moved in, we decided to have our local electric company come and give us a free Energy Audit. One of the top concerns voiced by the audit team was the significant heat-loss and cooling-loss we’d most definitely experience from our heated or cooled air leaking out through our fold-down attic stairway door. The team suggested that we purchase a cover to block this leakage. A quick search on the internet lead us directly to your website. It is full of excellent information which only helped us understand better just what the energy auditor was telling us. We immediately purchased The Battic Door. It popped into place easily, in just a few minutes. When we need to access our attic space, it removes quickly and easily. Upon leaving the attic, we just lower the Battic Door into place. We hope to see some significant energy savings on our next electric bill! Everyone with a folding attic stairway should buy a Battic Door!"
--Patty and Joe B.

Re: Battic Door Attic Stair Cover: "Great idea! Amazing Lowes, Home Depot aren't stocking these!"

--Richard L.

"Happy to do business with a company in Massachusetts. Nice Job!"

--Brenda B.

"I'd love to talk with you about featuring your product on the show and the website."

--Glenn B.

"We recommend the Battic Door Attic Stair Cover"

--Jennifer L.

"It looks like you have a good product. I teach some classes about energy conservation, and point to attic stairs being the most inefficient things in most houses. It is a great improvement over almost anything else, and certainly less costly."

--Glenn D.

"Your product looks very interesting. Thank you for your information and good luck.

--Michael L.

"I added a link and text promoting your product on my website. Good luck with your product."


"Weatherization Program energy auditors and crews in New Hampshire and throughout the Northeast have been addressing attic hatches for well over a decade. We well understand the principles of air leakage and heat loss and any attic hatch is a vital area to address."

--Stephen E.

"Very pleased with the Battic Door Attic Stair Cover."

-- Paul M.

"Great products!"

-- Tom M.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Great product and easy to install. I have one for my home at the shore and it works great."

-- Matthew G.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "We already ordered 2 and love them - we need one more asap - great item!"

-- Carol K.

"Received the Battic Door Attic Stair Cover and I installed it. AMAZING! In five minutes the heat pump shut off and the temperature rose a full 2 degrees throughout the house. Now the heat pump runs rarely.W hat a change, What a neat efficient idea! Note that except or the folding stairs the house was relatively tight. Also after the install I had to turn on the heat as I had shut it off to work on the attic door. I can't wait to see the difference in the electric bill. WOW!"

-- Pete F.

"I was looking for something to deal with my mother's fireplace draft and found you in my online search."

-- M.

"Thank you, looking forward doing business with you in the future as well!"

-- Don M.

"#1 natural google ranking = good stuff."

-- John P.

Re: Fireplace Plugs: "I am so very excited about purchasing these for someone, that I can't wait til she gets them. It will make her so happy that someone cared enough to get them for her."

-- Sharon M.

"I Googled Fireplace Plug. My daughter-in-law asked for one for Christmas."

-- Sally M.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Sounds like a genius idea!!!"

-- Susan D.

Re: Dryer Vent Seal: "Thanks so much. Good product."

-- Judy H.

Re: Battic Door Attic Stair Cover: "My brother Chris just talks about you everyday. Loves your products."

-- Michael C.

Re: Battic Door Attic Stair Cover: "Thank you very much! I appreciate it. I look forward to installing the products. Winter is on its way."

-- Susan B.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Thank you very, very much. This has been a pleasure! Best regards."

-- Linda P.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Thanks! Just what I'm looking for. I'm gonna order tonight. Appreciate the quick response....finally Customer service! Don't get to see that everyday."

-- Scott K.

"Thank you so much. We are excited about receiving the fan shutter seal, as we have heard great things about it. I appreciate your prompt and kind customer service! Have a great day!"

-- Michelle B.

"Thanks Mark ~ great customer service you are providing!"

-- Brian M.

"Thank you very much. I look forward to trying out the fireplace plug and sharing about it with others."

-- Daniel L.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "I KNEW something like this was available! My husband, my brother AND the chimney sweep ALL told me nope-nothing out there, and if there was it wouldn't work. BWA ha ha ha ha ha. Thank you for showing them once again, they should LISTEN TO ME. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you!"

-- Tanya B.

"Thanks Mark. Your customer service is superb."

-- Mike B.

"Received item today! All in good/new condition. THANK YOU for the great customer service!!! Thanks again."

-- Harold K.

"Thanks for your quick attention."

-- Rich S.

"Thank you!"

-- Peter L.

"Wonderful products with bonus of EASY installation."

-- Diane S.

Re: Whole House Fan Shutter Seal: "Nice item...thanks!"

-- Matt T.

"Thanks Mark, I greatly appreciate the quick response and your customer service! Have a great evening!"

-- Charlie R.

Re: Dryer Vent Seal: "Hi - I just wanted to say what a great product this is. I've been dying to replace our microwave/stove vent because when the wind hit the existing one when we built, it would rattle and cause lots of noise - especially at night. With a little work I was able to remove the existing vent and replace with your product. Great product - thanks!"

-- Jason S.

"Thank you so much, I spoke with someone from your business today and they were very helpful. I placed my order today. Thanks."

-- D. B.

"Thank you for the great service!"

-- Bob M.

"I received the package shortly after my inquiry of a tracking number. I was not expecting it to be delivered so quickly. Thank you very much for the quick service to my order."

-- Donald W.

"I recently purchased your attic stair cover and think it's going to pay for itself over the winter here in delaware. thank you for providing a great product."

-- Jack O.

"Thanks for your outstanding products and service!"

-- Stephen S.

"Thanks! I am looking forward to using your products - they make perfectly good sense to me!"

-- Gayle S.

Re: Whole House Fan Shutter Seal: "Thanks for offering this product."

-- Anthony J.

"You guys are great! "

--Lisa J., Houston, TX

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Your website came recommended as a result of the energy audit done on my house through MassSave...I'm buying 2 for myself and one as a Christmas gift! "

--Josephine M., Quincy, MA

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Fast shipping of a nice product. Would not hesitate to recommend you! "

--Kathy C., Birmingham, AL

"Thank you so much! You have been great! "

--Leslie S., King, NC

"I typically don't give feedback, but I felt that in this case it was warranted. I ordered a shutter seal insulation kit and screwed up my measurements. They were very prompt in sending me a replacement. When I realized my measuring error, I ordered another kit which came in 3 days and returned my other for a full credit. Very easy to order and work with."

--Gordon W., Cincinnati, OH

"Thanks for your excellent service. "

--Carol B., Appleton, WI

"Just wanted to comment - I received and installed your dryer vent device yesterday. Usually the dryer is ice cold and has a breeze coming through it. This morning its warm! Thank you. "

--Brian S., Acton, MA

"Thank you for your fast response and help! "

--Warren Giacono, Belvidere, NJ

"Thank you so much for the quick turnaround. I received both items today. Now that is service!!! "

--Yvette W., Brooklyn, NY

"My uncle told me about your company after ordering a stair cover kit for his attic/door. Our family room and first floor is considerably cooler than our upstairs, we live in a small cape. The fireplace plug will allow me to be comfortable in our family downstairs!, this is where our fireplace is. Thank you. "

--Beth S., Roslindale, MA

"A friend who ordered some other types of covers referred me to your website. "

--William Z., Lincroft, NJ

"We recently had an energy audit done on our home and, as your website states, an attic fan cover is a must. I can’t believe we didn’t know about your covers before; I used to work in the warranty dept for a builder and this is a question that comes up all the time! I will certainly spread the word among my friends and neighbors. I am glad the inspector who did the energy audit turned us onto your website. Thank you. "

--Amy W., Denver, CO

"I will definitely recommend you products to my friends. "

--Michelle C., Framingham, MA

"I wanted to drop you a note saying how much we like the attic stair cover that we picked up at your shop last weekend. It fits like a glove! The whole house fan cover was also a snap to install and looks almost invisible. Thanks for the high quality products! "

--Diane L., Concord, MA

"I am totally impressed...Thank you! "

--Claire F., Columbia, NJ

"Your shipping was super-fast! I installed the Battic Door stair cover today, and it is as easy as you claim! It sure looks like it will perform wonderfully at blocking the draft. Thank you for a nicely designed product. "

--Sherry C., Bedford, NH

Re: Fireplace Plug: "As soon as the plug was installed, the southerly breezes began to blow and the outside temperature went up to 70. I noticed the comfort difference immediately when the wind shifted and the temperature dropped. Drafts ceased. I am comfortable. "

--Nancy E., Independence, MO

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Saw this product in a close friends fireplace-she loves it,says it saved her $$$the first month she installed it. "

--J T., Southington, CT

"I love your Re: Attic Stair Cover and R-50 Insulation Kit! I received my order in record time and was able to install it without asking my husband for help. Immediately we could feel a difference now that the attic draft was virtually absent. Prior to buying your product I found other attic stair cover solutions at significantly higher prices. Your product is affordable and worth every penny! I can't wait to see the energy savings that results! Thank you. "

--Tracey R., Marlborough, MA

Re: Attic Stair Cover: "I just added R-30 to my attic and this will be the finishing touch. Thanks for a great product. "

--James T., Conneaut, OH

"Your web site is very clear. info is thorough and good. Thanks"

--Stephen L., Fairfield, CT

"The fireplace draftstopper was just what I have been looking for since we bought this house last spring. "

--Paul S., Milwaukee, WI

"Thank you so much for your fireplace plugs. We are excited to get some relief from our 3 drafty fireplaces! "

--Jeremy B., Overland Park, KS

"Boy was I surprised when I came home Tuesday to find the 2 items that I had ordered from you only 2 days ago. NOW THAT'S QUICK!!!!!!! I installed the Attic Door Cover today. It couldn't have been any easier. First thing that I noticed was the immediate results of the insulating factor. It was cold in the attic and my wife could feel that cold air coming down on her. When I dropped the cover in place, there was an immediate response from her. The cold draft stopped as soon as the cover was in place. When I came down from the attic, I also noticed that there wasn't any air leaking from around the cover. Talk about a perfect fit and seal. Second thing that I realized was that the programmable thermostat sits on the wall directly below the attic stairs. I believe that I will now see a savings in our heating bill. I believe that the cold draft coming down from above, was kicking the stat on more than necessary. I will be installing the Dryer Vent Seal. This is one area that I know that I have a problem. If this works as well as the Door Cover, and I see no reason why it shouldn't, good design, your company will have solved my problems, saved me money, and did it for a very affordable price. I am retired and live on a fixed income. So I appreciate a good value. I will also thank the Handyman Club of America (life member) for turning me on to your company. All my friend and neighbors will be hearing about you. Thank you again. "

--Peter S., Newington, CT

"We had an energy assessment from NStar and the rep. highly recommended your products. "

--Jennifer H., Lexington, MA

"Love the dryer vent! It keeps out wasps and mud dobers also. "

--William G., Eufaula, OK

"The batticdoor stair cover will help me save energy. Thanks!. "

--John G., Trumbull, CT

"The Battic Door shutter seal was as advertised. The hook & loop tape went up easily and the trim to fit material is good quality. Wish I had sealed up that vent years ago! "

--Jeffrey B., Newington, MA

"I think your stair cover kit is great as I have installed one for a client 2 months ago and he is thrilled with it. "

--Glenn M., Easton, MA

"I installed the Battic Attic Stair Cover over the weekend. Thank-you. I could tell the differance in the flow of air immediately when the box came down over the grey insulation strip. It created an instant dead space. I have noticed that the heat pump is running far less than it did prior to instalation so it will be interesting to see how the stair cover will reduce my future heating/air conditioning electric bills. Also, it was very easy to put together."

--Sylvia F., Langhorne, PA

"Your R-50 Attic Stair Cover is a fantastic product!!! I assembled and installed it in minutes, and shortly after installing it - my usually cold kitchen(always @ 5 degrees colder than the rest of the house was the same temperature as the rest of the house! (the attic door is just outside the kitchen in basement stairwell). I anticipate a huge differance in my fuel oil usage. Thank you so much for this wonderful product...I'll be sure to tell anyone I know with an attic door about the Battic door."

--Ilona K., Chatham, NY

"This is the 2nd shutter seal cover I am ordering. We used the 1st one for our whole house fan and it really stopped the cold air from coming through. Now we want to cover the attic access whole in our closet. Great product."

--Bernice L., Southampton, MA

"What a great product! I love things that just work! The Stair Cover kit went in without a hassle and fit perfectly. Many thanks!. "

--Reynolds W., Arlington, VA

"I must send a plug for Mark at Batticdoor. We spend a lot of time sweating the details of whole systems when we design a custom, high performance home. It is refreshing to have a supplier that addresses the details that often get overlooked. It's these details that when attended to help eclipse performance expectations, and having a reliable source for our new builds is very helpful. Whether retrofitting or new construction. Once we better understand what happens, we are better prepared to address the solutions without breaking the bank. "

--Harris W.

"The EZ Hatch appears to be functioning properly and wasn't an issue to install. Thanks."

--John P., Delmar, NY

"Thank you for sending the products out so quickly. The I have installed 8 out of 11 of the recessed light covers, and couldn't be happier. I have made them in the past out of sheetrock and foam, and hands down this was the way to go. The efficiency and quality far outweigh the cost. I am looking forward to the improved tightness of my house. I also purchased the dryer vent from you guys. I am excited to be using both products in my house, and expect years of maintenance free operation. "

--Aaron F., Anchorage, AK

"When I recently placed an order for two fireplace draft stoppers and a whole house fan cover, I was hoping to save some on my gas heating bills this winter. Since I had recently been downsized at my job, I was afraid the cost of the items would be like throwing my money away at a time when I could least afford to. I am writing to tell you that your products are AMAZING. I live in Northeast Ohio and we have had exceptionally cold weather this fall and winter so far. I installed your draft stoppers and fan cover and have just received my first true months gas bill. It is $189 LESS this month, than the same month last year, when it was cold, but not as bad as it is now. This savings has already paid for the cost of the products, and you have no idea how thrilled I am. These are such simple ideas that have had a huge impact. Thank you so much!! I will be recommending your products to everyone I know. "

--Chris S., OH

Re: Fireplace Plug: "About a year ago we had a blower-door test done on our house, and the chimney was identified as by far the major source of air leakage despite having a functional damper. So we tried this product, which is pretty easy to install/uninstall. In the 2009-10 heating season (i.e., prior to using this product), I had recorded the dates and amounts of all our oil deliveries as well as the mean monthly temperatures. Not surprisingly, there was a tight relationship between these (yes, I did the regression!). This season, based on our first two oil deliveries, we've been running 20% lower than last season's regression line--in other words, taking temperature differences into account, this item paid for itself in one month. This was true even though I had slightly increased our nightly temperatures from last year. I had hoped this product would help but am astonished at just how much a difference it is making."

--Mark G., Lexington, KY

"I purchased your whole house fan shutter cover kit. I had a 1" foam cover that was installed in the attic over the top of the fan but still noted considerable cold coming through. I wanted a high R- as well as air block so... I purchased enough foam to make a double thick closure. My fan trim edge was over 2 inches wide so I make one cover for the inside edge of the trim and another one about 2" larger for the outside edge. This allowed the extra thickness to seal over the smaller one. I edged the outside one with the vinyl tape. No air leaks now as well as a double R-value. MY WIFE IS PLEASED TOO! It was very easy to install. I will remove it in the summer along with the cover in the attic. I recommend this product to anyone with an attic fan. THANKS, PS You may use this testimonial on the web if you wish. "

--Orville N.

"Within the past 2 or 3 months I bought your Attic Stair Insulator Cover and fireplace draft stopper. I was just telling someone in my office how happy I was with both products and I went to your website so I could send them the link. You are the best. I have been really very happy with both products I ordered from you. Thanks "

--Brett S., Ridgewood, NJ

"I purchased 2 Fireplace Draft Stoppers. I like the product. Much easier to install than I thought it would be and seems to work great! "

--Chuck P., Vienna , VA

"I purchased your shutter seal kit. Thank you for the quick response...that's customer service! "

--John W.

Re: "Fireplace Plug: Hi, after our prep work, my husband was amazed by your product and how it works! (Went in easy.) Thank you."

--Marylyn Z., Allentown, PA

"Your service and products are top notch; thank you. "

--Lee T.

"Great Product. Glad you guys are around to save us some money!! I cant believe the service you all gave me. I had this delivered in the middle of the Storm on Saturday. I was amazed. Thanks again, and it was an absolute pleasure to deal with an American Based Company that understands what customer service means!! Im sure that’s why your in business, its such a rare thing to find these days. "

--Barbara P., Germantown, MD

"I received your EZ Hatch doors today. They are of terrific quality and design! Good job. "

--Chris G., Rochester, NH

"Thank you Mark. Excellent service!! Much appreciated. "

--Ronald J., Coon Rapids, MN,

"My son recommended your shutter seal to me. "

--Ruth T., Ashland, MA

"My father referred your stair cover kit to me. "

--Eric O., Kensington, MD

"Heard about your shutter seal on the radio. "

--Keith G., Lambertville, MI

RE: "Fireplace Plug: OMG LOVE IT, very easy to put together and insert, so need to order one for my friend. Again I am telling everyone about this great product thank you for producing this for our homes. "

--Patricia S., Troy, MI

"I received the shutter seal. Thank you very much for your great customer service! I hope to be able to buy from you again. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know. Thank you very much."

--Al T.

"My neighbor ordered the Fireplace Plug from you and swears by it. "

--Skye C., Memphis, TN

"Customer comment for: "Fireplace Draft Stopper". After our Home Energy Audit here in Anchorage, Alaska, I searched for "chimney plug" on Google and found Battic Company and your product line from input from the inspector. We ordered and received in just a few days, one of the round "draft stoppers" for our metal fireplace and installed it in about 4 minutes flat, just in time for our first cold wave of this fall. Temps dropped to more than -10F below here in Anchorage. We've since had an even colder period. That stopper has made a huge difference in our temperature management already, both in our documented heating gas bill as well as just the actual comfort factor in the family room where the fireplace resides. I am totally sold on your product. Thanks very much. "

--Mike B. Colonel, US Army, Anchorage, Alaska

"I just installed the attic door insulator with the kit of insulation and cover in less than half an hour. It fit perfectly with the weather stripping applied. Installing was very easy, and directions, especially pictures, were very helpful. Thank you for making a product that I don’t have to pay to have someone else install. And thank you for being so responsive to my questions before I ordered. Hoping to save some money on oil! I also installed the fireplace plug. Again very easy and great directions, including photos."

--Mary M., Simsbury, CT

"Just to let you know! I received your Clothes Dryer Vent Seal, I was impressed with how fast the delivery turn around time was! I had the Clothes Dryer Vent Seal install in about a haft an hour after I received it, I have been checking the drier's filter vent (inside the dryer) for about a week and I must say, the cold air has been cut down next to nothing, the room is warmer! And when heating a house with electric heat, one is always looking for ways to save money, and your Clothes Dryer Vent Seal is one of them!!!"

--Larry L.

Re: "EZ Hatch scuttle door: Purchased for other homes in past - this is a great item! "

--Shane S., Duluth, MN

"Purchased your stair cover - Thank you. My oil bill went wife can walk around without a heavy sweater etc. "

--Chris K., Woburn, MA

"Found you in past for attic door it!! "

--Jonathan B., Bedford, NH

"I love the 3 things I ordered from battic doors! The fireplace draft stopper is installed, the attic fan insulation shutter seal I am working on now and the dryer vent will be installed as soon as we get some caulk in house. :) Batticdoor's attention to detail is fantastic! Thank you! "

--Debbie S., Pasadena, MD

"Please more products such as yours...will pass the word!. "

--Margareet S., Sunland, CA

"Really love the shutter seal kit. Works so much better than our old system. Looks better, too."

--Libby M., Virginia Beach, VA

"Really love the Replacement ceiling shutter . I want to comment on your great service. I ordered my shutter on Thursday at 11:30 AM and received it the next day, Friday at 5:00 PM. Such good service and the shutter fit perfectly and really solved my problem. Thanks. "

--Beverly S., Orlando, FL

"That is one seriously amazing doggie door! I wish i would have found you guys before i paid a guy a ton of money to make me a custom doggie door that did not even touch the quality of this one. Thank you so much!"


"I wanted to share -- I love the pet door I ordered. The door is so much better than the one I had before (2 see-thru flaps with magnets at the bottom). You advertisement is right on target - no wind or rain is coming in through your door! Thank you for such a wonderful product. I'm recommending it to several others I know who have thought about installing a dog door! "

--Sherry W.

"You guys are fantastic. We always make sure to spread the word about your doggy doors anytime we hear of someone looking into one or questioning one. We are convinced you make the best dog door out there and we can also say that you offer far superior service. Thanks!"

--Todd F.

"Last year I purchased the Large Dog Door for the wall and was really impressed with the attention I received that enabled me to make choices and have it sent to Australia. After xmas I managed to get some time and installed the door myself. What a great product, no more drafts coming into my home, my dogs quickly adapted and used the door and even better, this door my large Lab cannot crash her way through. Thanks again for your professionalism and assistance."

--Lydia S., Melbourne Australia

"Pet Door: Minus 30 degree celsius and no breeze gets through and no frost on the inside of the flap, I think that is impressive."

--Alberta, Canada

"Writing this from Loveland Colorado! Want you to know that you have an excellent pet door. We have installed one at our house in town and it does NOT leak outside air. Fact of the matter is that the temperature on the room side is the same as the room be it winter or summer! We have NEVER found it other than perfectly closed and sealed. Our cat has made a game of going in and out. It is installed on the north side of the house which is the coldest side. We are planning on installing a second one at our mountain house on the west side, the side that the winds hit us on from the Big Thompson Canyon. We have absolute confidence in this product for that high wind application. We have hurricane force winds here in the Colorado mountains and have personally experienced over 100 mph winds. The old double flap cat door is not at all adequate and lacks the insulating properties of your pet door. When the wind storms come we had to stuff foam in the old door but after we installed your pet door we could forget about having to do that! Freedom for us and freedom for the cat. So if you are considering purchasing this product just do it! It is quality through and through and is built to last and protect your home from heat, cold and wind."

--Maryann from Loveland, CO

"Thank you very much for nice product and service. The pet door is already installed and dog is using it right away."

--Igor K.

"I usually don’t write letters about products, but in this case I had to. I have had dog doors for 30 years and have never been so pleased with a product. I recently purchased your large pet door for my pack and I mean pack, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Boxer, Labrador, and Boston Terrier. As I live in the country, in Alberta Canada, I have always had problems with weather as in wind and the bugs in the summer and cold as well as wind in the winter with all the previous doors. Not with this one. My husband has nicknamed your door, Fort Knox. It is absolutely air tight and looks great. I can’t say enough good things about it and is worth every penny. It is so nice to purchase an item online, get great customer service as well as the product as advertised. I’ve recommended your door to everyone that I know who needs a pet door. Thanks so much!"

--Mary P.

"This pet door is great. It only took 10 min of treat training and a few days of reminding. It's framed Inside and out to fit in our 1920's craftsman house, fits right in. Love it!"


"We moved to a new house and had to leave your pet door there...I ordered another for the new house and finished the install today. Once again, thanks so much. Your dog doors are, hands down, the best made and the easiest to install. The one we left at the old house was as good as new (even though it was 3 or 4 years old) and had been used by 2 to 4 dogs for years (german shorthair pointers). This time the door is on the windward side of the house but having experience with your doors, I know it will not be affected by the wind and rain. I recommend your doors whenever possible. Thanks again."

--Tim T., Waterford, VA

"I did a lot of research before I purchased a wall mount pet door, and I couldn't be happier with it. With winter coming on, my biggest concern was air leakage. After installing it and seeing how well it sealed, my only worry came from my dog, who can be a little timid (I did just open up a large hole in an exterior wall after all!). It took some retaining and encouragement, but now she uses it on her own without a problem. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for a terrific product, and one that's not made in China at that!"

--Chris A., Port Townsend, WA

"We had one of your dog doors in our house in Minnesota and it was truly awesome (it actually was one of the features that helped sell the house!)...we have moved to Utah, and need another dog door!"

--Trish P.

"I just wanted to let you know that your pet door withstood the wrath of hurricane Irene. That door didn't move at all. My canopy on the back porch was bent like a toothpick so the winds were pretty fierce out there. IF you ever need a reference for this door just tell them to call me. It is FANTASTIC! You are a genius to invent this weather proof doggie door. My 7 lb yorkie can get through this with no problem. Thanks again for such a great product. It is worth every cent and more."

--Mary Ellen R., Holtwood, PA

"We've had the pet door installed for some months now. It took our Corgi a little week to get used to it, but now he runs in and out without trouble. The door is all worth the money and there is no draught or anything to complain about :-) Our dog is happy and we feel good when he is home alone, because we know he can run freely in and out. Thank you for a first class product and a good supplement to a happy dog life."

--Rasmus and Anne D., Denmark

"Well, my wife and I have waited 5 weeks to write a review for your pet door. We couldn't take the cold air dumping into our walkout basement anymore. Tried 4 or 5 other doors that claim no leakage, or closes with wind pounding on it with no luck. Stumbled upon your pet door in search of the best...and let us tell you, WE FOUND IT!!! This door has to be seen and used to understand how great it is. It's still hard to believe how well it works. Now we keep the pet door open all day long without cold air or critters getting in.....and our 2 Cavaliers love the freedom! We've had below zero degree weather with 40 mph winds pounding on it, and it closes every time with absolutely no leakage, really! It's such a nice pet door, that we put in a whole new door because it was nicer than our 32" door. As the other reviews state, it's really that good and worth the price. You won't regret it one single bit.....Don't hesitate, wish we did this first time around. Thanks to your help we got it right this time!"

--Jerry T., New York

"As custom green homebuilders in Oregon, quality, high performance components are critical to what we do. Early discussions with our most recent customers made two things very apparent: they wanted a new home built with extreme energy efficiency in mind an incredibly low energy home built to the Passive House Standard (, but one that also held a place for their dog Pippen and had his needs in mind as well. Our initial research turned up a few options, but only one that had actually been tested for airtightness your pet door! We decided to give it a shot, knowing that to meet the strict Passive House certification requirements we would have to reach extremely low levels of air infiltration on our blower door test. Initially we planned to do our own testing on just the pet door before committing ourselves and cutting a hole in the door to the backyard. However, upon opening up the freshly shipped package, it became quite apparent that the quality of construction and tenacity of the air seal were both very, very high. We installed the pet door without hesitation, and suffice it to say, the pet door did not disappoint--we exceeded the Passive House airtightness requirements by a factor of three! Now, while the homeowners appreciate the incredible comfort and efficiency of their new home, Pippen is happily enjoying his access to backyard freedom."

--Blake B.

"Thanks for answering my questions and giving me helpful suggestions. The doggie door is in the wall and all trim is 100% installed and finish applied; only remaining item is to camouflage the entrance with a dog house (tight spot). The door is mounted on the west side of the house and the afternoon summer sun is directly on this wall; I can tell the difference in insulation and air leakage over the small door that was replaced. Thanks again for the help."

--Kurt F., Idaho

"Your pet door works better than any others I've seen on the market. After 1 year of use I continue to be impressed with the airtight seal it creates. If there's a more energy efficient pet door out there, I certainly haven't seen it."

--Ryan S., Ohio; Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine

"My 2 boys, both 70lb labrador retrievers, love the dog door. So do I beacuse the flap is really flexbile and seals shut by itself and it never leaks anything into my home, not even wind gust blow it open. The previous dog door I owned was made of metal, aluminum I think, and it was very loud when it closed. Sounded like someone slamming a screen door. Leaked like a son of a gun too. Water leaked inside when it rained. I pitched the the old dog door and the door it was installed into. I bought a really nice paneled door. The videos on the website showed me how to install it even though I payed a professional to do it. Awesome dog door. You will see this dog door in every pet store someday!!"

--Mark K.

"This is the third pet door I've purchased and it will be the last. I looked around forever for a dog door to replace the drafty one installed by the previous owners of our house we just purchased. While Anchorage is not as cold as interior Alaska we regularly have low temps in excess of minus 20. I was a little hesitant at fist to order online and because the door was a little higher than the ones at the big box stores. But, your pet door is MONSTER Good. I keep the garage at 60 degrees for the dogs and it stayed at 60 degrees all winter, even at 20 below! I even measured the temperature near the door expecting it to be lower than ambient--it was exactly the same, 60 degrees. This door ROCKS! By the way...I ordered the wrong size door and you exchanged it, no questions asked. Don't waste your money on any other door. You will be sorry!"

--Randy R., Alaska

"I just got my new dog door installed today and it is magnificent. After years of a dog door that blew more wind into the house than you could believe, despite putting new magnets and trying everything we could to make it work, I finally have a dog door that keeps my bedroom warm and toasty. Last week it was freezing in here, and today it is super warm (I have a woodstove in the next room, but with the old dog door, it didn't have a chance). I worried when I ordered yours that it would not work any better than the old one, but the high quality is immediately clear just on seeing the door, and now that it is in the door, I am so grateful that you figured out how to make a dog door that actually stays closed. And my dog immediately learned how to use it even though it is a bit different looking from the old one. I don't have a digital camera so I can't post photos, but if anyone has an outside door that has panels in the lower half, my handyperson figured out a great way to install it and I'm sure he'd be willing to share that with anyone else. I actually was so blown away by how good it was, that I wanted to write this review so others who discover your door via the web will know it's as good as you promised. Thanks so much!"

--Pat B.

"After arriving yesterday, my pet door is installed and works flawlessly. No air infiltration, quieter and the design is better than anything else on the market. After installing this one today, I counted the number of dog doors I have installed in my life [7 counting one I put in our barn and a total of 4 different brands] and your pet door was the easiest to install. I did remove my house door to make the cut but reinstalled to fit the dog door into the door. I'm also not convinced that your door is more expensive when you factor in heat loss of other brands, and the number of replacement flaps that I typically have had to install (on average, 2 a year). I have three German Shorthairs and the door seems to be no challenge at all. I was worried since they can see through the old door but not your door. Please use me as a reference. I own my own company so I know feedback is important and also nice to hear. Anyway, just wanted to report back and let you know how happy I am. Sorry to be so longwinded but my old dog door has frustrated me for years. Thank you."

--Tim T., West Virginia

"I liked how earnest your site is to make its points. I was particularly swayed by the letters you posted from government environmental officials like at the EPA and such who had used your products at home. Good luck in business."

--Lisa D.


"Just a note to express my appreciation to you for your product. I read of your product in an article in the Fredericksburg, VA Free Lance Star on Saturday 3 February, 2007. I ordered a battic door stair cover for my attic pull down stairs on Sunday evening. Received the package on Wednesday. Your ads were absolutely correct. It took 5 minutes to completely install the cover and stripping. My wife and I were both amazed at the immediate change in temperature in the closet where the attic entry is located. Great product - factual advertising! Thanks very much!"

--Larry D.

"I recently ordered a whole house fan shutter seal. The shutter seal is GREAT thank you very much for the quick solution to a major issue. Thank you again"

--Tony D.

"Been looking for these items for sometime. Awesome website and information!"

--Mary R.

"We have friends that bought your R-50 attic stair cover kit, you come highly recommended!"

--Andrew B.


"I purchased the Battic Door attic stair cover. I can't believe the difference it makes! The furnace does not turn on NEARLY as often as it did before. Great product, and worth every penny!"
--Felix V.

"Hello, just wanted to let you know that we did receive the Fireplace Draft Stopper. We installed it immediately. We can't believe how well it works!!!! We don't have anymore smell in our house. Thank you so much for solving our problem. We have been telling everyone about your products."

--Michael E.

"Thank You for your quick reply. With the high price of natural gas this winter your Fireplace Draft Stopper was a god send. Thanks again and I have recommended your product to many of my friends and acquaintances. "

--Bob K.

Re: Battic Door Attic Stair Cover: "What a superb idea! I am amazed at your design and ingenuity. It is one of those ideas that is as nifty and applicable as the hand potato peeler! Thank you very much for an easy, functional piece of equipment."

--Bill B.

"I received both my Fireplace Draftstopper and Battic Door Attic Stair Cover. Easy to install and Fireplace Draftstopper is really great !!!! My neighbor and I were both impressed. Also, I gave information to one of the board members of our development to look at. "

--Michelle E.

"I received my Battic Door Attic Stair Cover and covered it with R-19 insulation. It was easy to put together and fit perfectly. Thanks for a terrific product!"

--Bill P.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "I have needed this item for years and am amazed to find it so quickly. Thanks!"

--Caryl A.

"I bought a dryer vent seal, and I have purchased your Battic Door Attic Stair Cover - great products! Thanks"

--Michael M.

"I installed the Battic Door Attic Stair Cover this eve in 5 minutes. I put the R-50 fully covered insulation over it and it seems to be quite warm in the box now. Thank you."

--Matt C.

"Just wanted to let you know that the installation of the Battic Door Attic Stair Cover was easy. We can feel a difference already in terms of the heat loss."

--Lynn C.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "What a product! Simple concept but super effective. The effects were immediate. that very evening and the morning was awesome and not a walk in freezer. Who knew that a draft from the fireplace was that significant. Thanks again for making the fireplace plug!!"

--Robert L.

Re: Whole House Fan Shutter Seal: "Thank you for the husband found them easy to follow and did a great job covering it."

--Janet C.

"I purchased the Battic Door Attic Stair Cover which is great, the other item I purchased was the Fireplace Draftstopper Plug. Thanks."

--Timothy M.

"I own a pest control business and I am always advising my customers on ways to mitigate moisture in and around the house and I make out a checklist for every job. One of the recommendations is insulating the attic door entry. One of my customers in Easton, Ma. showed me his Battic Door Attic Stair Cover and so I ordered one for myself. Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong size but you were kind enough not to charge me for a replacement. I have noticed a difference in the overall heat and comfort of my second floor and I know the overall benefit of the attic environment will be enhanced. Thanks again."
--John C.

"I saw the Fireplace Plug on ABC TV this morning. I didn't have the exact name
but called around - hardware and fireplace stores in the Hartford, CT area.
Looked online at Home Depot and Lowe's. Then kept looking online and somehow
I found you - been looking for something like this for years!"

--Edene B.

"Just a short note to tell you how well your dryer vent seal and shutter sealing kit works. I am in the HVAC business and deal with air infiltration all of the time when installing systems. I purchased both of those products to try at my own house and I must report they are great!. No more cold air entering the clothes dryer when its not running and the house heat is not escaping through the attic fan shutters anymore. Thanks for producing such fine products. I will be using them on our HVAC installations in the future.

--Pat E.

Re: Whole House Fan Shutter Seal: "I am just so happy that you made a cover. With the cost of heating, I am hoping it will make a difference. There was always a draft in the hallway where the fan was installed & I was not about to crawl through the attic space to cover it from there. I will write you back with my thoughts after I use it this winter. Thank you very much. I am glad that you took the time to listen & hope that you are very successful selling this product.

--Georgia B.

"My husband and I saw a news program on TV about how to lower heating costs this winter. That is where we saw the Fireplace Draft Stopper. We have found that there is a lot of cold air coming in our home from the fireplace area, even though everything is closed up tightly. We are anticipating good results, and hope our family room will feel a little more cozy this winter."

"Looking forward to receiving our Fireplace Plug!"

--Amy R.

Mark--I wanted to email you back and say that the other two products I ordered are fantastic. They have made such a difference. The Battic Door stair cover even w/out the insulation is amazing...I can feel the difference when I walk into that room. The Fireplace Plug is also great. Thank you for making these products.

--Ginny V.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Saw you on Good Morning America this morning and immediately order one. Can't wait. We're freezing!"

--Chris B.

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know the Fireplace Plug came yesterday. It is great! Thanks! I have left you POSITIVE feedback! Thanks."


"I was channel surfing and when I came to stop on a home improvement show. The guy was talking about insulating a house, and was talking about something called a Fireplace Plug. The fireplace plug was a kind of plastic inflatable plug on a stick. You partially inflate the plug, then shove the plug up into the fireplace against the damper. There is an adjustable length plastic stick connected to the plug that you place against the bottom of the fireplace. Then there is a tube hanging down that you use to inflate the plug to fill the fireplace cavity below the damper. This will help keep warm air from sneaking out through the fireplace. Last year there cold spot near the fireplace, even though the damper was tightly closed. I had placed styrafoam in front of the fireplace and that helped some. So I searched Google and found a product named DraftStopper that looked like the one the guy was showing on TV. So I ordered one. Hopefully it will help keep our house warmer, and reduce our power bills...."

"The draftstopper came today. It came in pieces. The directions were easy and it wasn’t too difficult to put it together. Once I got it together, I put it into place in the fireplace. It was pretty easy to install. The outside temp was 16 degrees when I went to bed, and there was no noticible cold draft when I was near the fireplace. Cool!"


Re: Fireplace Plug: "I was happy to find such a unique item."

--Nancy M.
"Thank you for sending the clothes dryer vent so rapidly."

--Sue A.

"Saw an article about the Fireplace Plug by James Dulley in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. I have needed one of these for years, and actually had a homemade one in my old house."

--Thomas W.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Found out about you in an article in my local newspaper about insulating fireplaces. They listed several other companies but said you had the best chimney insulation product."

--Maureen S.

"We received our packages on two different dates. The shutter seal came on Jan. 3rd and the fan cover arrived on the 6th. We are very satisfied with your service. We saw the information in the paper about your product and company. I believe it was Glen Haage's article that gave us the info. We have not yet installed it but hope to do so shortly. Your web site was very helpful; and we will recommend you to anyone else that might be in need of any of your products. Should we have any difficulty with installation, which we do not expect, we will let you know. Thank you very much."

--Doug W.

"The shipment was on time as promised, and I found that the Fireplace Plugs arrived in excellent shape, and the correct sizes they fit perfectly. Your company did wonderful job. Thanks!"

--James F.

"Thank you so much for the quick response."

--Terry D.

"I received my attic stair cover and it is in place. Thanks a lot."

--Myra K.

Re: Fireplace Draftstopper and Whole House Shutter Seal customer: "Thank you so much!"

--Emily S.
Re: R-50 attic stair cover: "Just wanted to let you know that all the pieces have arrived and we installed it the other day. Looks like it should do a great job!"

--John and Zena S.

"Thanks very much. Your website is very helpful."

--Bill P.

"My neighbor bought a chimney plug online and told me how it worked. We live in a cookie cutter house neighborhood so I tried one the same size as his. I have had it in since october and it did make a difference. The livingroom isnt cold by the fireplace like it use to be."


"I found your site searching for a fireplace draftstopper.Your service in filling my order was superb."

--Edwin G.

"Received the fireplace draftstopper on Friday, 12/29/05. My wife installed it within 15 minutes, so far we can tell a difference in that the amount of draft has been reduced and the floor in that room is no longer colder than the rest of the room. So far so good, thanks for your quick response."

--Bernie M.

"Awesome product! I am so glad I found your guys website. I have noticed my air conditioner doesn't kick on as often. Yor website was very informative and easy to find, I just typed attic fan cover into my MSN search engine and found your website. The person I talked to was very helpful and kind when I called to place my order. Two thumbs-up for you guys!!"

--Emily H.

"I recently received my attic stair cover and it is fabulous. Thanks for the great product. It made an immediate difference! I am telling friends about your great product!"

--Frank P.

"I purchased a fireplace draftstopper last week. We installed it in one of our fireplaces. I think it is doing a great job. I would like to buy 2 more."

--Betty D.

"I purchased a attic stair cover and fireplace draftstopper kits from you a couple of months ago. Thanks for the great products!"

--Brett G.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Very innovative product!"

--Jay T.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Your products are just what I've been looking for! Thanks a lot."

--Eileen A.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "I am a full-time firefighter and am interested in how well these work. I hope to include them in my next newspaper article about fireplace safety. Been asking around for something like this for years. Finally it was in an article in our Sunday paper. Can't wait to see how well it works."

--William M.

"Thank you so much for your very informative response to my e-mail questions. Thanks to your help, and finally getting answers from various people in my area, I am excited to now go to your web site and order the Fireplace Plug for my home. I can hardly wait to receive it and add my positive comments for future customes. Your rep Mark Tyrol was very responsive to my questions and concerns. I appreciate the service."

--Margo W.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "I first saw this product on Good Morning America and then saw the web site in an article in this morning's paper. It will be well worth the price!"

--Diane L.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Gotta have one!"

--Daniel J.

Re: Shutter Seal Fan Cover: "My husband just installed the attic fan cover and said it took him no time at all to install. Just thought I'd let you know that he was happy that it was so easy and was a snug fit. Thanks for the product!!"

--Carol & Doug W.

"I received the Battic Door stair cover last week and I installed it the same day. It was quite easy and fit like a glove. We noticed a difference right away. Thanks for all
your help."

--Carol E.

"Thank you for your prompt response which was very much appreciated. I sent my order and check yesterday so you should be receiving it shortly. I look forward to receiving your product and using it successfully."

--Veronica G.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "My local utility gave us your company site. I do need one. Thanks again and I look forward to using your product."

--Anne K.

"Googled for attic fan covers, glad to find your product. My parents have searched locally for weeks for a whole house fan cover."

--Clara D.

"I am reordering another Battic Door Stair Cover."

--Dennis M.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "I am looking forward to installing it. Thanks for your fine service."

--Margo W.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Love your products that we've used so far."

--Dennis F.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "The energy auditor sugested it."

--William S.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Saw your company in a newspaper article about heat savings."

--Jack G.

"Hi! your site was the easiest I ever used. THANK YOU."

--Joanne S.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Heard of this from Ron Hazelton on Good Morning America, excellent recommendation!!!"

--Ken F.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "What a product. Simple concept but super effective. The effects were immediate, that very evening and the morning were awesome and not a walk in freezer. Who knew that a draft from the fireplace was that significant. Thanks again for making the Fireplace Plug!!"

--Robert L.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Our living room is much warmer and comfortable now and the noise from the jet planes over our house has been reduced substantially."

--A. B.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "In the past we were unable to use our living room in the winter because of cold drafts from the fireplace. This is the first winter that we have enjoyed a warm living room. Thanks to the Fireplace Plug."

--Mrs. S.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "It was pretty easy to install. The outside temp was 16 degrees when I went to bed, and there was no noticeable cold draft when I was near the fireplace. Cool!"


Re: Fireplace Plug: "By installing a Fireplace Plug and a low flow showerhead we can save as much energy as $2,000.00 worth of energy efficient windows, and we get an almost immediate payback, not 20 years later."

--Dan K.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Chimneys represent a significant air leakage and heat loss sight. The Fireplace Plug reduces that loss substantially."

--Jay L.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Most of the homes we audit that have fireplaces, we find the damper either jammed open or just left in an open position. The Fireplace Plug helps the homeowner to be aware of whether or not their fireplace is sealed. Our auditors have found them very easy to install."

--Tom B.

"The R-50 attic stair cover kit arrived yesterday. Thanks and best of luck."

--Andrew G.

"I ordered 2 more Fireplace Plugs, so that makes a total of 3. The two I installed in this house work very well. I have been spreading the word around here as to what a great product you have. And, with a $460.00 gas bill, we all need some help. Great doing business with you."

--Betty D.

"Your web site gave me the exact information I need and I am very pleased
with the merchandise and the quick shipping. You get four stars from me."

--Sandra P.

"Thanks so much."

--Pamela N.

"Thank you very much again. You are very pleasant to do business with."

--Roslyn Z.

"Thanks so much."

--Sheila D.

"We are very happy with our dryer vent seal. It does everything you said it would. We were fortunate enough to vent straight out from the dryer - no elbows etc. into the Vent Seal and it works like a charm. It's amazing how it blocks the cold air. Sincerely,"

--Shirley L.

"Thanks so much."
--Carol E.

"Thank you very much Mark!"

--Arlene R.

"Excellent service thank-you I will recommend your company
to everyone I know, thanks again."

--Henry C.

"I wanted to thank you for sending it out so promptly!"

--Laura I.

"I read about your Fireplace Plug in the Detroit Free Press about conserving energy. Our family room is on a cement slab, and we have added new carpet, new windows and now siding. And still cold. So we thought perhaps this will work. I also saw an episode with Ron Hazelton showing how to use this plug stopper. So, hopefully, this will work!"

--Gale J.

"Wow! The Fireplace Plug inflated quickly and easily. We installed it in our chimney and its doing a great job keeping the cold air out. Thanks for making sure I was a satisfied customer. I will definitely recommend Battic Door to my friends. Thanks!"

--Roger M.

"The R-50 attic stair cover kit worked great. Thanks for a great product. Take care,"

--Brian M.

"Thank you. I will be sure to recommend you--good service!"

--Kathryn B.

"Thank you - I've been looking for a product like this for years!!"
--Chris And Ursala F.

"I just wanted to let you know that we received the attic stair insulation kit. Thank you for sending them along so quickly."

--Gary C.

"Now this is fast turn around. Great service! I have already installed the dryer vent seal and have called my Son to tell him that I have bought for his house the dryer vent and Fireplace Plug. We are both ready to save some money! Thanks again for the great service."

--Michael R.

"Hello Mark, As promised to you, I would contact you on what I would do to improve the Battic Door attic stair cover installation. I purchased R-19 Insulation, placed it on the inside surfaces, secured it with Heavy Duty Tape and Stapler. It made a HUGE difference and we will now see what occurs as the days grow cooler. Thanks again for your product!"

--Doug K.

"Wonderful products, great value. Wish I had thought of it!!"

--David T.

"We are happy to support your efforts of employing the disabled. My brother-in-law is employeed in a sheltered workshop in Michigan. Work is very important to him."

--Gregory M.

"Thanks for the help. Great idea. Thanks. I'll tell our friends."

--Jeff D.

"Product arrived , fits fine ... thanks for your help. I will recommend your product to others."

--Norman S.

"Thanks for the quick response! I was happy to find this clothes dryer vent still available. My first one has lasted over 25 years, working as advertised the whole time, but I think it's finally time to replace it!."

--James R.

--Diane W.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "We bought one, and it worked so good we want another one for our second fireplace. Thank you very much!"

--Anita H.

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Received my order today. I was very pleased with how easy it was to install. We will really like the items we purchased from you. Thank you.!"

--Richard M.
"Your website address was provided in a Sunday edition newpaper article about insulating attic stair covers. Your product appears to be superior to others in the market and also less expensive."

--Myron J.

"Thanks. We are very happy with the products."

--George H.

Thanks for the discount shipping for multiple items: "Wow! You guys are terrific! Thank you!

--Jeffrey M.

RE: Fireplace Plug: "Thank you-we love it!"

--Karen H.

"Thank you for the prompt response! I received it today!


"Nice speaking to you on the phone last night. Thank you for explaining everything to me so I could understand it!!!"

--Susan E.

"Thanks. I received package today. Thanks for everything."

--Patricia B.

"Hello, I have just purchased your attic stair cover. It works great!"

--Thomas P.

"I recently made a purchase from you on 12/8 in the evening and recieved my order 12/12. I just wanted to say thank you for being so prompt."

--Terry G.
Thank you. We have 5 Fireplaces and all bring such cold air down and out. They are cosmetic type fireplaces, not ones that you can really enjoy heating the house with. I was told it is not worth using the fireplaces when the cold is less than 35 degrees, as you will loose as much heat out the chimney. Thanks again.

--Tammy S.

Re: Whole House Fan Shutter Seals: "Thank you sir. Great product, works as advertised! Can you please send 2 more? Thanks!"

-- Gary C.

"Dear Mark, YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you so much and I will pass on your website to my neighbors who are also installing whole house fansand will need your products. THANK YOU!!!!"

--Karen L.

"I NEVER write to companies, good or bad, but I am so impressed with your products! I ordered the Whole House Fan Shutter Seal and the R-50 attic stair cover. Now a lot of products claim easy installation but I've never found it to be true. Now however I can't say "never"...both of your items were incredibly easy to install, I was truly amazed. Installed both all by myself and it only took maybe 45 minutes total! Thanks for the great products! "

--Lisa H., Pelion, SC

"Your website is awesome and incredibly user friendly. I have complete confidence ordering from you and I am a first time customer. Thanks and keep up the great work. "

--Dr. Kelli S., Dallas, TX

"You have a great company to do business with - my thanks to you. Regards. "

--A. J., Tallahassee, FL

"You guys are impressive. I just got a shipping notice. This is the quickest turn around I have ever seen. Have your clothes dryer vent seal and love it... "

--John R., Harrison Township, MI

"I received my Attic Stair Cover kit and began installing. It is very simple and that is the genius of it. Thanks for providing a simple and cost effective solution! "

--Billy S., Covington, LA

"I can't thank you enough. Again thanks for all your help. Terrific experience all around. Rest assured that I will sing the praises of Battic Door and it's terrific representative, Mark, to my entire family and circle of friends. Thanks! "

--Rich G., Yuba City, CA

Re: Battic Door R-50 Attic Stair Cover Kit: "That is a really neat of those..."why didn't i think of that" Thanks. "

--Robin K ~ NC

Re: Battic Door R-50 Attic Stair Cover Kit: "Thank you for the same day shipping on my Order and answering my question right away. The R50 is an Elegantly Simple Design with Complex Results. It is a high quality product that is quick and easy to install. "

--Curt B., Hagerstown, MD

"A New York Times article today recommended your products! "

--Leslie G., Alexandria, VA

"Thanks so much! I've passed the word on your SUPER service to my co-workers and friends. As soon as I measure my attic opening I'll order one of those as well. Thanks again! "

--Scott, Fishers, IN

RE: EZ Hatch: " Have purchased and installed many! Impressed every time. "

--Raymond S., Duluth, MN

Re: Fireplace Plug: "I bought one of these in November for the upstairs fireplace. My January gas bill went down 200 bucks even though the weather was colder. Buying a second for the other fireplace. "

--Doris L., Glenview, IL

Re: Battic Door R-50 Attic Stair Cover Kit: "I wanted to tell you that I really love the product! "

--Liz F., Johnsonburg, PA

"I just installed your attic stair cover, shutter seal cover, and last but certainly not least, your fireplace plug. I am so impressed by the ingenuity and brilliance of the design. I can already feel a huge difference in the draft factor, I'm looking forward to a really cold day. Thanks so much guys, you have AWESOME products. I am truly impressed.

I am so happy to give you feedback and potentially help other folks who may have questions, or be uncertain like I was. My home is from 1940 but we remodeled it 15 years ago and insulated it very very well. Except for the attic stairs of course. And then we added a real wood burning fireplace. We then had such a horrible draft in our Great Room (cathedral ceiling as well, even though well insulated). The draft was so bad the heat was fighting to get to 68 degrees, and would barely make it. Those who have real fireplaces, you know what I'm talking about.

For the attic stairs, I actually thought of that invention about 15 years ago (seriously) when it was not on the market. Turns out Owens-Corning invented something, polystyrene, but only about R-10 (looked like an upside down pink bathtub). I installed it, it hepled a bit but they had a big design flaw - the item was not deep enough, so when you closed the attic stairs they pushed up the item so it was not laying flat anymore, etc. Big design flaw, I'm surprised no one's corrected it yet. Plus it's only R-10.

Well, I couldn't take it anymore so I searched all over the internet to see what could be done about fireplace drafts, attic stairs and my HVAC return. Lo and behold, I found Battic door and I am glad I did. I reviewed their products extensively, checked other people's reviews, etc. There are not much other products out there for this. I even called them, and they were very helpful at explaining how their products work, and they were 100% sure these would work when I asked them. So I bought their Attic stairs cover "best" product, Fireplace plug and HVAC cover. I installed all three pretty quickly and all I can say is "WOW!"

I can't think of a better word to describe the change in the comfort, lack of draft now. The word that best describes this is "ASTOUNDING." Simply astounding. There is no more (or absolutely minimal) draft coming out of the FP. The reduction of FP draft is at least 10 fold, no exaggeration. The heat in my Great Room not only got to 68 degrees this morning, but when I looked at it, it was already at 68 degrees and calling for only 66 as it was on its next cycle saving energy. Previously I would have to override it and try and get it to hit 68. Unbelievable. Next, the attic stairs cover worked like a charm too. The stairs fold into the box part, it stays flat and it has R-50 in it. There was a big draft we use feel coming down from the upstairs (we have a loft so it's open to the downstairs) and now it's gone. ASTOUNDING - did I say that already? Last, I put the HVAC return cover on. Also excellent, one little cover makes a huge difference.

Last I want to remark on the design of these items. Absolutely brilliant, simple and ingenious. Very well made (FP Plug is tough thick 14 mil) and thought out. I can't comment enough on these items. I am recommending them to all my friends. I know this is a long review but when I get a product that's well made, brilliantly designed and works like a charm, I rave about it. You guys have done a great job and deserve a lot of praise. Thanks guys. "

--Jim F from NY

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Bought one after reading about it in a newspaper article. Loved it -need another one for my son! "

--Florence H., Peachtree City, GA

"The whole house fan cover is amazing. I ordered the one sheet, cut very carefully, bought additional velcro, and was able to seal all three of our ceiling return vents AND the attic stairway opening. Thanks for producing great and efficient products. You can believe that I will pass on the information about your products and your service. "

--Kathleen L., Fenton, MI

"I want to tell you how much we like the R-50 Attic Stair Cover Kit. The difference in temperature around the door is amazing! "

--Virginia S., Tolland, CT

"A couple months ago I ordered an attic stair cover , and a dryer vent from your website. I am extremely happy with the products. "

--Matt M., Byhalia, MS

"Thank you so much for your quick action AND for letting me know that the transaction is complete. So many others omit this step. It confirms my positive view of your business and I will not hesitate to direct my friends and family to your business. Kudos for a job well done and a great product too. "

--Lyndell M., Xenia, OH

"I had an energy audit paid for by my electric utility. The auditor recommended your whole house fan shutter cover for my attic fan shutters. "

--James M., Westborough, MA

Re: Shutter Cover: "Repeat customer - great product! "

--Brian L., Henrico, VA

Re: Fireplace Plug: "Saw you on Cool Tools on DIY, compared to others and liked yours best. "

--William R., Doylestown, PA

Re: Battic Door R-50 Attic Stair Cover: "Recommended by my son. "

--George B., Denville, NJ

Re: Fireplace Plug: "This is a great product, we saw instant results. The Plug was easy to install and use. Great buy for our money. "

--Johnny A., West Chester, OH

"Thank you very much! That is what I call great service! "

--Leon B., Spring Valley, NY

"I'm definately impressed with the speed of your ordering process! Thanks! "

--Matt H. San Jose, CA

Re: Battic Door R-50 Attic Stair Cover: "Saw this product in Sky Mall. "

--Johnny A., West Chester, OH

"Thank you very much for your prompt attention. I am very pleased with the service I have received from you. I have recommended you to my friends and would certainly be happy to order from you in the future. "

--Cathy F., Liberty, IN

"Thank you so much for your prompt response. Your products are great."

--Josie I., San Jose, CA

" Your shutter cover worked SO well on my whole house fan shutters that I am ordering more so I can do all my air con ceiling vents. What a simple solution...yet so effective. THANKS! "

--Robin S., Northampton, PA

"I received the whole house shutter seal kiy today .., thanks for the quick response., will be ordering more for both sets of our parents. "

--Tara H.

"Dear Battic Door! I can't believe that I ordered my two Fireplace Plugs on Nov. 30 and they were at my doorstep on Friday, Dec. 3!! Thank you for your very quick service! Yesterday, I got one inserted and will finish the other fireplace today. I am somewhat "technically challenged" - however Ron's video on your site makes it easy to understand! Thanks again!"

--Mary Ann D., Rock Island, IL

"Got the whole house fan cover and R-50 attic stair cover kits today. Already installed (quickly I might add) the fan cover. hardly notice it. Nicely conceived item. looking forward to a simple, straightforward ladder cover install in the morning. My thanks and compliments. "

--Lee R., Medfield, MA

"Thank you for the R-50 attic stair covers. My son bought one and he says it really works. "

--Sandra M., Bethesda, MD

"Thank you so much for producing the R-50 attic stair covers. I am recommending your product to the rest of my family."

--Philip P., Wakefield, MA

"Just got the Fireplace Plug and it fit like a glove. Looking forward to more efficient air conditioning and cheaper energy bills!"

--Ifeatu E., Thousand Oaks, CA

"The fireplace plug is working great. Nice doing business with you."

--Ron S., Trumbull, CT

"I am thrilled to have found your fireplace plug, I wanted to make sure this was the last fireplace chill we had. Thanks! "

--Linda B., New Bern, NC

"Everyone with a fireplace should have a fireplace draftstopper. "

--Jim T., Rochester, NY

"Appreciate the quick delivery of our EZ Hatch attic access door. Good quality construction. Please thank Mr. Tyrol for answering my questions."

--Joe F., Troy, MI

Re: Fireplace Plug: "I have been looking for this product for years. I thought it was called a chimney plug. I am so grateful that I finally found it. "

--Cynthia L., Sherwood Park, Alberta

"The fireplace draft stopper is a great product. I opened the box, read the directions and immediately installed it in my fireplace damper....and...yes, it does stop the draft.....thought you should know. Thanks. "

--Carol C., Wollaston, MA

"We are a home performance testing and energy efficient upgrade company in Michigan. We would like to offer your products to our customers. "

--Adam D., Waterford, MI

"Our son in law is an energy expert and recommended the fireplace plug. "

--Michael D., Libertyville, IL

"Thanks for your consideration. It's nice to do business with a company like yours!"

--Kristopher S., West Milford, NJ

"We have been using your EZ Hatch access door for our new "green homes" which are certified through the Green Communities and EarthCraft Homes programs. We've been very satisfied with the battic hatches and want to continue using them in our next 10 homes that we are currently building. "

--Teresa H., D.C. Habitat for Humanity

Re: Battic Door R-50 Attic Stair Cover: "My AC tech advised me to get the Attic Tent and I researched other options and preferred your product. "

--Robert F., Rockwall, TX

"Thank you Mark for your prompt turnaround response to my order. The Deluxe EZ Hatch arrived today. thank you for your 1st class service."

--Willie S.

"Your service and products are always great. "

--Mark S., Loveland, OH

"I ordered a Battic Door R-50 attic stair cover sealing kit. First of all, IT WORKS GREAT!!! THANK YOU!!! NO MORE DRAFTS!!! our recent home energy audit revealed bad bad leaks thru that damn attic door. Now...ALL GONE! GREAT PRODUCT, again!!!!"

--Matthew F.

"Received the Battic Door R-50 attic stair cover. Could not have been easier to install. Works terrific in our 100 degree Texas heat. "

--Shannan P.

"I just wanted to let you know that we have installed the whole house fan cover and the Battic Door R-50 attic stair cover. Both products are top notch. The shutter is the highest quality, doesn't rattle and looks great. The attic stair cover is amazing. It was very hot the day we put it together and we immediately felt the difference with only the simple system. Thank you for your great service and outstanding products. It is really nice to get MORE than you expect from an internet mail order company. "

--Gail C.

"The EZ Hatch attic access door we purchased from you on the last project was a great success and we received an Energy Star HERS rating of 66 on the property. we're shooting for 60 or below on this next project. "

--Kathy E., Braintree, MA

"I just installed your Battic Door R-50 attic stair cover. Easy as promised. "

--Marc L., Charlotte, NC

"We have gone thru all sorts of iterations of whole house fan covers, but yours is best by far. Hope you stay in business forever. "

--Libby M., Virginia Beach, VA

Re "Battic Door R-50 attic stair cover Repeat Customer: Already own one for my primary home and now ordering one for our second home. "

--Jerry G., Easton, PA

" I ordered a Battic Door R-50 attic stair cover for my pull down previously and was very pleased with the speed in which I received my kit. I'm ordering 2 kits to keep one as a spare. I like supporting MA business being on Cape Cod so I will be buying all my kits for my business from you. Thank you."

--Janice S., Wellfleet, MA

Re "Fireplace Plug Repeat Customer: I see this a useful tool and low cost solution for many customers down the line."

--Glrn G., San Diego, CA

"Thank you for your quick response and ease of handling my request. I look forward to ordering other products in the future."

--Meredith P., Westlake Village, CA

"Thanks for the prompt and courteous follow up! "

--Joe O.

"Just bought your Battic Door R-50 attic stair cover and installed it for a client. Great product. How do I become a dealer/distributor?"

--Shep G., Bernardsville, NJ

"Your customer support definitely deserves a great review! "

--Jared H.

"Your products are great. Our fireplace plug works great. "

--John C.

"Liked the R-50 attic stair cover-easy to use. "

--Jyoti G., Marlboro, MA

"I have used your products on my previous home. The attic stair cover is awesome!"

--Gary H., Trumbull, CT

"Friend loved your products. "

--George S., Dover, NH

"I purchased one of your Battic Door R-50 attic stair cover some months ago, but didn't get around to installing it until recently. The installation went as advertise and we recently had one or our very rare cold spells and it made a significant difference. I made a modification that makes the cover much easier to handle and position. I bought 4 plastic handles at a local box store and cut 8 small slots (2 in each side and end) for the handle tabs and installed the handles on the inside of the box. The handles make the cover very easy to handle and position while standing on the attic access ladder. If you would like a sample of the handles, please let men know. I think they were about $1.25 each and well worth the money to simplify handling. I live in a town home complex so there are 201 potential homes with the same problem I had. I have no problem recommending your products. Winter is not our typical problem. Warm spring, hot summer, and warm fall means very large air conditioning costs with significant heat leakage from the attic into the interior. "

--Carl H., Houston, TX

Re: "R-50 Attic Stair Cover: Wholly Cow! What an amazing difference! I Love it! I mean I really love it. I put four pieces of my own Insulation (R-40), two pieces side by side, stacked two high. The difference was felt the minute I dropped the cover down on top of the supplied weather striping. It (the cover) fit like a glove. Perfectly! Light weight and easy to move on and off. My 4'11" wife can move and re-set it with no complaints -even a complement of ease of use, wow! Our up-stairs is now much warmer - and the condensation issues in our attic are resolved. We even turned the heat down in our bed room zone. Up-grades: Black Guerrilla Tape: On the inside at both ends of the fold-n-lock seams. * insures no accidental collapse, and strengthens overall. After installing the insulation in the reflective cover, then inserting the cardboard box insert there was about 3 inches of extra material. With the Cover still on its top, the material was pulled snugly and wrapped and folded to the inside of the box; then taped the full length and width 360` degrees. *This holds the box securely to the reflective cover, it also now makes a wider bottom edge to sit and act as a higher functioning seal against the weather striping. It also strengthens the overall integrity of the box. And, It removes a few issues that would arise from the box not actually being 'attached' the cover. Conclusion: The BATTIC DOOR ATTIC STAIRS INSULATOR COVER is a simple, and inexpensive total solution that anyone who can change a light-bulb can assemble and put into place. A+ PS. I bought the dryer vent too - it was so easy to install and I love the clever air-pressure lid-lift design. No bugs, No cold back-draft, Virtually no build-up of lint, Easy installation. Thank you again, I wish you all the continued success, All new homes with Attic steps should come with this product, and it should be marketed so as to save some money (incentive) when buying the attic step kit and the Battic at the same time in Home depots and Lowes! FYI: Home depot sells nothing , but recommends a Styrofoam product from Corning (looked like junk to me). You have my permission to use in part or in its entirty the above review."

--Mr. Gilbert, Wynnewood PA

Re: Battic Door R-50 attic stair cover: "Thanks, I really appreciate your prompt attention and level of customer service. Be sure that we will use your product whenever possible and recommend it to others. "

--Cliff S., Garden City Park, NY

"We purchased a home in New Hampshire that, incredibly, had no way to access the attic space. I was going to construct my own access door when I went online and found the EZ Hatch R-42 Attic Access Door. I ordered the EZ Hatch door and it arrived quickly and in perfect condition. After cutting a hole in a closet ceiling and re-framing a couple of ceiling joists, the EZ Hatch door installed easily and looks great! As a Licensed Contractor and a Registered Professional Engineer, I found the EZ Hatch Attic Access Scuttle Door be of very high quality and it was a perfect solution to our attic access problem."

--Len T., Center Barnstead, NH

"We ordered the Battic Door R-50 attic stair cover after we installed your attic fan cover and were so pleased with both products. Putting the attic stair cover together and installing was very easy. We are very pleased with both products. "

--Betty w., Marietta, GA

"I read about your fireplace plug in a newspaper article! You should start national television ads! As a new homeowner I had no clue how much extra my fireplace was costing me! I would have bought this the day I closed on my home if I'd understood how much energy I was losing! "

--Jocelyn C., Laurel, MD

"Your AC Vent and Grille Covers go on so nicely and work so great. I’ll recommend them to everyone."

--Shirley F., Gaylordsville, CT

Dryer Vent Seal: "This one is for my daughter. I have had one on my home for years...excellent product."

--Philip N., Penobscot, ME

"I installed the R-50 attic stair cover kit , it fits snugly and works as advertised."

--Jeffrey F., Wilton, CT

R-50 attic stair cover kit "UPS delivered it today and it’s already installed up in my attic saving me millions in energy costs! well some anyway. Thanks for the great and prompt service! I like the idea of saving as much energy as I can."

--Paul N., Hurst, TX

"I like the dryer vents. They seem to really work."

--Peter M., Jeffersonville, VT

"I installed the attic stair cover kit by myself ~ how easy. Have already noticed a warmer area in the hall. Went up yesterday morning and the metal stairs were not freezing actually could touch them. Thanks!"

--Susan I.

"Hi! We just finished installing the attic stair cover kit It was a very easy installation that should have taken about thirty minutes. (We had an overhanging attic floor board that needed to be trimmed back.) I’m not very handy. If it was simple for me it should be simple for nearly everyone. The installation went smoothly. Thanks again!"

--John C., Foxboro, MA

"I was able to install the attic stair cover kit in about 15 minutes! It fits perfectly in the stair framing. I'm looking forward to the energy savings and draft-free hallway."

--Dan M., Norwood, MA

R-50 attic stair cover kit "Great product at competitive price. Easy install."

--Wendy W., Concord, NC

"Repeat customer: I purchased the attic stair cover kit in the past and am very satisfied with that product."

--Sam F., Buffalo, NY

"I have been looking for this type clothes dryer vent for a long time and when I saw it on This Old House I ordered it Oct 10th, I received it Oct 12 and installed today - that is really quick service and the product is great."

--Marvin D., Columbus, OH

"Repeat customer: I purchased the whole house fan shutter seal kit. First one worked great. I'm ordering a second one."

--Robert H., Denver, CO

"Repeat customer: I received the attic stair cover kit today. I am a 65-yr old widow and was able to assemble and install this attic stairway insulation kit by myself in 15 min. Suffice it to say I am most pleased with this product."

--Janice S., Denver, CO

"I wanted to let you know that I received the furnace filter slot cover yesterday in the mail. I'm extremely happy with it and appreciate the great customer service! Would definitely recommend your company. Thanks Again!"

--Dawna S., Cedar Falls, IA

Re: Attic stair cover kit "Here's an unsolicited testimonial: my husband and I are 77 and 78 years of age. Recently, to make things easier for ourselves, we had attic stairs installed. It's now much easier to get into our attic, but we lost the insulation factor and after these few hot, humid days the temperature in our second floor bedrooms was hard to take. We checked the internet and found on utube a set of instructions for building an enclosure which was certainly doable but would require trips to Home Depot and a great deal of measuring, cutting and probably cussing for a guesstimate of $50. Then out of curiosity, I tried "attic stairs/insulation" and Battic Door popped up with the perfect solution: a cover that was insulated, made to fit perfectly with no tools required, all for $99.50. The packages arrived within 3 days of our order. Enclosed were clear, well illustrated directions and we two completed the job in no time. We would recommend your product and operation to anyone. Thank you!"

--A. & N. Munroe

Customer service is our priority: "We apologize for the shipping damage. We will send another right away. Sincerely, Battic Door." Customer response: "Oh, WOW! That is so very unexpected. I appreciate the awesome customer service. You guys are the best!"

--Daylene O., Haysville, KS

"Hi Mark, I received and installed the fireplace plug today. It was easy to install and blocked the draft that I wanted to eliminate. I'm very happy with the product. Thanks for your help!"

--John N.

"We are Nemo and Dora, two dogs from Italy........we would like to thank you very much for the dog door your company we can go out of the kitchen and back without bothering our owners......they worked hard because the door's kitchen low wooden frame was to they made two platforms to solve the problem. also, now the temperature in the kitchen keeps even all the time and we don't feel guilty as before when they have to open the door to allow as go out and in and the air inside got so cold!! We are very happy now, thanks to your company and to our owners .........we hope the next year will be great for you and a lot of Dogs like as will enjoy your fantastic product! Sorry for our English..... we tried our best.....we know how to bark only in Italian!!"

--Nemo and Dora, Italy

"We have used your pet door since January 2008. It is still in excellent condition! This is our third dog door within the past 4 years. The other brand doors only lasted less than a year. The flaps would tear and warp due to the extensive use in my kennel. We have about 25 dogs that use this door on any given day. Thank you for such a great product!"

--Kristine F., Michigan, Owner, Kay bee's K-9 dog training academy

"I hope you remember me from Singapore. I had previously purchase 2 sets of your pet doors from you sometime in June (wall-mounted and door mounted each). We are finally done with our renovations (it is ALOT of work!!) and have the pet doors finally installed. Our 3 dogs (2 mini schnauzers and a husky) took a couple of days to get used to the door but this is much better than our previous one where the flap did not close properly and we were always leaking air conditioning. We used to keep the bedroom door open so that the dogs could access to the outside when they needed to go. We don’t have to do that anymore. Our bedroom is now cooler and the air conditioning doesn’t have to work so hard; and we get our privacy while the dogs get theirs when needed. Inastallation was easy and was well worth it."

--Randy S., Singapore

"The dog door is great and my pets and I are so happy with it. My two dogs love their freedom. I rescued one of my dogs and he was very badly mistreated so he suffered from seperation anxiety and barked all day when I was at work. With the dog door I can leave him in the house where he feels safe and secure and my neighbours are alot happier now the barking has stopped. It was a big Job putting it in, my walls are 16" thick, but well worth it. I finished the tunnel with tiles so it looks great and is easy to wipe clean. Thanks again really great invention so happy with it."

--Rachel, Ireland

"Previous metal door/glass frame combinations allowed wind and rain to enter all year round and inside cold air was generated due to the metal door and glass construction. After a year of extensive use, the canvas fabric on your pet door has not deteriorated and the canvas flap is easy to clean and maintain. Thanks!"

--Gary S., Michigan

"I was out of work when I bought your pet door... so I shopped long and hard. Almost bought a competetors brand at more than twice the price until I googled the manufacturer and got all kinds of bad feed back. I sent the feed back to the company and never heard from them again! You on the other hand... nurtured me along for about 4 weeks, answering yet another question.. and another before making the sale for a med size doggy door. I have two 60 pound dogs. Your door is GREAT! It's REALLY weather proof as far as keeping cold out. I can feel the difference in air temp when the dogs go in and out in the early morning. It took about 1/2 hour and 1/2 box of Cheeze Its to get the bolder dog completely comfortable to walk up the ramp and out the door. (The ramp was the real problem for them not the door.) I rightly guessed that when the older dog saw the younger do it he would follow right behind. This door is something I am very, very happy with! I have literally spent over 12,000 dollars in the last 5 years for a dog walker. So what a bargain to get this Fabulous design, the door is functionality superb. Happy in ILLINOIS"

--Tim C.

"My wife and I love our new Doggy Door. We don't have to stop what we are doing to let our dog in and out. Another great thing is no bugs are being let in the house. We have had many compliments on our new Doggy Door. The other night a friend stopped over and was very impressed with the looks of it and that it was magnetic. The construction and materials is very good. We would reccomend this to any who has a dog. Thank you very much for the Doggy Door."

--Bill K.

"We love this dog door! It's the best we have ever used. Thanks"

--Sally A.

"Your company was more than helpful when I originally had a problem with my old pet flap opening in strong winds. You were very interested in helping solve the problem, so we bought your pet door. Now even with the very strong winds the flaps on your door stay closed. I have three dogs that can pass through without any difficulty. I would highly recommend this dog door. The door is energy efficient and very durable, believe me I know we have very active dogs that are in and out constantly. I have had other dog doors over the years this is by far the best one."

--Susan, New Jersey

"Great product I would recomend this pet door over any others I've seen or tried to date."


"You may remember me as I am the customer that has the chew happy collies. I wanted to let you know that I am happy with the pet door I bought from you. I tried four other brands that were not nearly as good as yours."

--Jim G., Massachusetts

"I was a little skeptical when I ordered this pet door. But when I received it, I was wowed, it is really high quality! My husband installed it with little to no issues and it does exactly what it says and is shown in the videos. The strong magnets seal the inside in and the outside out. And my dogs very easily figured out how to use it, too. Good purchase!"

--Sarah H.

"With your pet door I will save $55 a week in dog walking!!"

--Kathleen, Chicago

"Received the dog doortoday....I am impressed with the quality!!!! I am excited to be able to install and see the difference or I should say feel the difference because we can see the difference already. Thanks!!"

--Cherry B., Wyoming

"I purchased your pet door around December 8th and it arrived within a few days. I installed it on December 13 and on December 14 we temperatures of -15 degrees which was a record low for Denver. I was impressed on how well your product kept the cold out. Thank you."

--Gary, Colorado

"Without a doubt best dog door going, never a draft gets through and not even frost on the inside at temps down to -40F, amazing for a one piece flap. Bugs can't get through either!!"

--Jeff F., Alberta Canada

"We fully believe that your Crawl Space Vent would be a great asset to any residence with a crawlspace. Doing heating and cooling, we are in many crawlspaces. Crawlspaces without good ventilation have been known to cause some hazardous and then expensive situations. Using this product can be beneficial in many ways in our line of work. Better yet, good ventilation is much safer for our employees and the homeowners. Having installed these vents for six years, we can see what a great product this is, and every homeowner with a crawlspace should consider using it."

--A-Tech Heating & Cooling, Inc.

"When I first saw your crawlspace vents, I thought that they were the best vents that I had ever seen. Plus the fact that I could open and close and insulate my vents all from the outside, was exactly what I wanted. I never have to crawl around my crawlspace again! Now that my vents are installed, they look great and I can feel the air flowing from my crawlspace. Thank you for a great product."

--Eugene F., Houghton Lake, MI

"Your clothes dryer vent is a great product! This order is a replacement for one we have had for over 20 years! "

--Sam, IL

"This is my second whole house fan cover. They work great."

--Fred S., CT

"I contacted your company by phone this morning to discuss your stair cover kit for a disappearing attic stairway. The gentleman I spoke with was most helpful. Some confusion on my part was the placement of the item. It in fact fits into the recess that the stair fits into. I had visualized it fitting atop the floored attic or onto the attic rafters. I have ordered what I think to be the correct item and I will look forward to its safe arrival in a couple of days via UPS. All in all this transaction has gone very smoothly. Your website is extremely well done and most helpful. Ordering online is very straight forward with no confusion."

--Edward B.

"Thank you for sending the fireplace plug. It fits perfectly. Warm Regards,"

--Amanda, WA

"Just installed the R-50 stair ccover. It fits perfectly."

--Guillermo W., NY

"Love your fireplace plug!! My brother in-law showed me how it works and I am so excited to get ours. Fabulous idea!!"

--Natalie B., OR

"I have been trying hard to find a plug for my fireplace with rectangular damper for a long time. Thanks for providing the product I needed."

--Emily L., Ontario, Canada

"We recently purchased the Battic Door and wanted to let you know how much we like it. My husband was home when it arrived and had it installed before I got home from work. What a difference. I had taped over the attic door due to the cold draft. I cannot feel anything now and have removed the tape. No more cold drafts in the hallway."

--Pamela C., MI

"Bought the battic door and insulated covers and love them. Good stuff, well thought out."

--Harvey P., VA

"Thank you so much - you are a pleasure to do business with!"

--Marina N., NJ

"Thank you for your prompt reply and excellent customer service. I will recommend your company to my friends."

--Janet C., KY

"I love the fireplace plug!! It took minutes to install and the draft from my fireplace was immediately gone. The product is durable enough that I will get many years of use from it before replacing it. The Fireplace Plug was worth the $$."

--Paul D., MS

"Thanks so much for the fast service. Customer service like yours is rare these days. I really appreciate it, as well as the innovative products you sell. I will strongly recommend your site to friends and family."

--Ron P., MA

"Just got my Chimney Draft stopper !!! It's been in for only 2 days and my house is 100% better. What an amazing device.Thank you."

--Doug B., PA

"Thanks!!!! Just to let you know, You have been great to deal with. Have a great day."

--Henrik V., Ontario, Canada

"Thanks so much for your vent covers, we are noticing a big difference in our draft problem. I’m promoting this product as much as I can."

--Shirley F., CT

"I'm buying a second Battic Door stair cover for my mother's attic. This worked very well in my house."

--Rodney F., SC

"It is so great to deal with an online company like yours. I installed the vent covers last night and it took me about 30 minutes to install all 9 vents covers. It was so easy to do and was exactly as advertised. It is what we wanted and now there are no more drafts. Great product and you have my endorsement. I would recommend this product and your company to anybody."

--Rich A., CT