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Freedom pet Pass Energy Efficient Pet Door

2 Styles for Door Mount or Wall Mount. Both styles include a locking security door.

4 sizes!

Door mount includes pet door, trim, and complete instructions.

Wall mount includes pet door, nailing flange and complete instructions.

Energy Efficient Pet Door
Door Mount Includes Trim

Energy Efficient Pet Door
Wall Mount

Energy Efficient Pet Doors


Pet Doors Install Easily in Exterior Doors or Walls.


2 Styles for Door Mount or Wall Mount. Both styles include a locking security door.

4 sizes!

Door mount includes pet door, trim, and complete instructions.

Wall mount includes pet door, optional nailing flange and complete instructions.

  • Installation Instructions
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  • Wall Mount Kits

    Petite WALL MOUNT Pet Door 6 1/2in. x 7in.
    $199.00 + FREE Shipping!

    Small WALL MOUNT Pet Door 6in. x 10in.
    $229.00 + FREE Shipping!

    Medium WALL MOUNT Pet Door 9in. x 13in.
    $269.00 + FREE Shipping!

    Large WALL MOUNT Pet Door 11in. x 17in.
    $329.00 + FREE Shipping!

    Door Mount Kits

    Petite DOOR MOUNT Pet Door 6 1/2in. x 7in.
    $219.00 + FREE Shipping!

    Small DOOR MOUNT Pet Door 6in. x 10in.
    $259.00 + FREE Shipping!

    Medium DOOR MOUNT Pet Door 9in. x 13in.
    $319.00 + FREE Shipping!

    Large DOOR MOUNT Pet Door 11in. x 17in.
    $379.00 + FREE Shipping!

    Energy Efficient Pet Door Installs Easily in Your Exterior Door or Exterior Wall!

    The first and only energy efficient pet door that does not leak air into or out of your home. We offer the most energy efficient pet door. Dogs love that it is easy to use and you will enjoy saving money. Available in 4 sizes for any size dog or cat! Easy to train your pet to use! Installs easily into any door or wall!

    Installs easily into your exterior door or wall.

    If you are going to cut a hole into your door or wall shouldn't the pet door look great and provide an energy efficient seal? Our Pet Doors are the most energy efficient pet doors on the market and are easy to install.

    Door can be locked from the interior for security.

    Door Mount vs. Wall Mount

    Door Mount

    Door-mounted doggie doors are what most people imagine when they think of a dog door. The main advantage of this traditional style of dog door is that it is fairly easy to install. If you look at our installation videos, you can see that anyone with some modest home improvement skills can install a Freedom Pet Pass door-mounted dog door.

    The main drawback of a door-mounted door is that it lacks the flexibility offered by a wall-mounted unit. Door-mounted units are limited in their location to exterior doors. They also cannot accommodate many of the pet-friendly situations that wall mounts can. The final slight drawback is that a door-mounted dog door is slightly more expensive than a comparable wall mount ? though installation costs for a wall mount can easily overwhelm that difference.

    Advantages of door mounting include:

    Easiest type of installation

    Dogs typically accustomed to location

    Disadvantages of door mounting include:

    Limited choice of location in house (exterior doors only)

    Limited options for where pet is let outside

    Slightly more expensive than wall mount

    Our door mount installs into standard exterior doors measuring 1 3/4" thick. Trim and locking security panel included. Includes:

    1" thick rigid vinyl security door mount frame with flap system completely assembled

    1 3/4" self framing rigid vinyl door mount trim

    Durable acrylic security door with knob and locking pin

    Trim Mount Screws

    Installation tips, training tips, and warranty

    Wall Mount

    Many people don't realize that wall-mounted dog doors are even an option. However, wall-mounted doggie doors can open up a world of possibilities because you are not limited to human doorways for where your pets come and go. Wall mount doors give your dogs their own entrance and exit that can be customized to meet their and your needs. They easily accommodate ramps and steps. They also allow for limiting your dog's access on one side or the other of the door, a crate on the inside, a fenced-in area on the outside, you are only limited by your imagination!

    The main disadvantage of wall mounting versus door mounting is the skill level required to safely cut and finish an opening in your home's wall. Some fairly serious home improvement skills are needed to install and trim out a wall mount door. We don't provide detailed instructions for wall mounted doors because every wall and house are unique. If you can't immediately visualize how you would install a wall-mounted doggie door, you should probably budget for having a professional do the installation.

    Advantages of wall mounting include:

    Flexibility where the pet door is located

    Option to put ramp and/or steps for pet

    Ability to limit access to specific areas of house and/or outdoors

    Nailing flange included

    Disadvantages of wall mounting include:

    Professional installation recommended.

    Wall Mount includes an optional nailing flange to assist with installation.


    Here are some benefits of having a pet door according to industry experts:


    Pet can go outdoors to "use the facilities". It is very uncomfortable for your pet to hold it for extended periods of time.

    Helps keep your pet active enabling him to stay fit and trim exercising outside throughout the day.

    The outdoors provides your pet with mental stimulation which helps keep your pet alert.

    Reduces problem behavior resulting from boredom.

    Boredom results in problem behaviors such as compulsive chewing of objects in your home.

    Freedom can improve pet confidence and attitude.


    Provides for an emergency escape for your pet from danger inside such as a fire or dangerous intruder, and from danger outside such as unpredictable weather.


    Allows your pet to check on unusual noises.

    Allows your pet to scare off intruders.


    No more scratches on your doors or walls.

    Fewer accidents indoors.

    Less barking.

    Fewer walks are necessary because your pet will exercise outdoors when your gone.

    No more opening doors for your pet.

    Less likely to need expensive kennel services.

    Many experts agree that pet doors are actually good for your pet. Pet doors give your pet self- esteem by giving him freedom to move about the house and outdoors as he pleases. It also assists in overcoming common behavioral issues such as housebreaking, destructive chewing, excessive barking, and clawing and scratching furniture.

    Energy Efficient Pet Door

    Energy Efficient Pet Door

    Rough Opening vs. Pet Opening When ordering and installing, you need to be aware of the difference between the pet opening and the rough opening.

    The rough opening is the hole in the wall or human door that needs to be cut to allow for installation of the pet door. The rough opening has to be larger than the pet opening in order to accommodate the entire pet door assembly.

    The pet opening is the area in the pet door that is available for your dog to pass through. This area should be large enough for your dog to comfortably enter and exit without crouching or jumping. Details on the best process for determining the appropriate pet door size are below. Energy Efficient Pet Door

    Petite Door

    Energy Efficient Pet Door

    Exterior View

    Energy Efficient Pet Door

    Interior View with Locking Security Door Panel (included with all models)

    Energy Efficient Pet Door

    Interior View

    Correctly Sizing Your Pet Door

    Getting a pet door of the correct size is important for the comfort and health of your pet. The more comfortably your dog can pass through a door, the easier it will be for them to use it now and in the future. You want your dog to be able to pass through the door without jumping, crouching, or bumping its back.

    Unfortunately, you cannot correctly size a door just by using your dog’s breed or weight. Variations in heights and stepping ability make it impossible to ensure a correct fit. The best way to size your pet door is with the cardboard cutout test outlined below. This will make sure that you have a perfectly-sized door for your dog. Remember, dogs tend to get bigger and less nimble as they age, so you want them to be able to get through the door comfortably without squeezing.

    Cardboard Cutout Test

    1.This sizing method requires a big piece of corrugated cardboard. Start with the pet opening size you think is most appropriate for the pet in mind.

    2.Cutout either the 6x10, 9x13 or 11x17 pet opening rectangle out of the cardboard up high and fold it at the bottom so that when the piece of cardboard is placed in a doorway, the top of the hole of the rectangle is approximately one inch to an inch and a half higher than your pet, at the withers or shoulders.

    3.Step on the folded end of the cardboard, and invite your pet through the opening. Watch for clearance high and low.

    4.If the size of the cutout you try is inappropriate, change to the next size up or down as required. Remember, it is always better to err on the side of being too large.



    How to Install Our Pet Door into a Door

    Our pet door installation expert shows step by step how to install a Freedom Pet Pass pet door into a raised panel door. The same instructions apply to flat panel doors.

    Short Edited Video Previewing of all 5 installation steps.

    The Freedom Pet Pass comes with a two piece window lite frame that holds our pet door into your home door. The inside of the window lite frame is pre sealed with a good EBM tape. What this does is create an air tight, water tight, weather tight seal when the widow lite frame is squeezed together for the application.

    The pet door itself is housed within the two window lite frames that secure the pet door to your home door. The window lite frame is engineered to fit all industry standard 1 ? flat panel or raised panel doors. The window lite frame is hand crafted by a company in Michigan who specialize in window lite frames for homes.

    Tools Required to Install a Pet Door into a Door.

    Tools required to install our pet door into a door include the following:

    Tape measure


    Battery operated drill


    Skill saw

    Proper blade


    Caulk gun

    Blue painters tape


    Level or straight edge

    Step #1. Determining the rough cut line.

    Begin the project with the interior your home door facing up on saw horses. The object here is to locate and center the product where it will best fit your door and your dog. Pre measure for the dog.

    Use the window lite frame with the screw holes. Take the frame and mark the center of the frame and center of the door. On raised panel doors you want to place the window lite frame above the top of the panel or below the panel to minimize the open area. Next, line up the two points and trace around the window lite frame with a pencil.

    Step #2. Cutting the rough cut.

    Begin with a good saw and the proper blade installed to cut through your home door application. Certain saw blades are designed to cut through metal, wood, ect? Start your cut at the back corner and work counter clockwise around the door.

    Line up the saw blade with the pencil line and with a good grip on the saw carefully begin your cut.

    We don?t recommend cutting into our door if it is your first time using a saw. The next step details how to make the end cuts and remove the door panel.

    Step #3. Finishing the rough cut and preparing the hole.

    Step #4. Applying the pet door to the door.

    Step #5. Sealing the window lite pet door frame to the door.


    How to Install Our Pet Door into a Wall

    Short Video Trailer Previewing the proper framing technique required to install our pet door into a wall.

    Freedom Pet Pass wall mount pet doors install into a wall like a window or door. Simply apply a cross member and apply additional blocking inside of the wall cavity to provide support for the pet door. The amount of blocking required depends on the size of the pet door and how high the pet door is installed into the wall. Seal the pet door frame to the exterior of the wall using a high quality seal and screw the pet door frame to the blocking. Trim the interior and exterior of home to match the existing decor for a fantastic custom look.

    Step #1. Adding support block and cross member inside wall cavity.

    This side simulates the exterior side of a residential wall where our large wall mount pet door will be applied. Remember to factor in height off the ground, location of utilities, and location of wall studs.

    Adding a horizontal cross member at the top of the rough cut opening secures the exterior and interior wall covering. The cross member also provides a surface to attach the pet door frame.

    Draw a line locating the upper edge of cross member on both sides of the wall studs.

    Place the bottom of the support block on the line and screw into place. Repeat this step on the opposite wall stud.

    Screw cross member into the bottom of the support blocks.

    Step #2 for Large Wall Mounted Pet Doors.

    Additional blocking may be required if raising height of pet door application to accommodate pet.

    Apply upper and lower support blocks and cross members to accommodate the necessary height of the pet door application.

    Step #2 for Small Wall Mounted Pet Doors.

    Additional blocking will be required when installing small wall mounted pet doors because the pet door frame is more narrow the wall studs in residential homes.

    Simply add the blocking to the wall cavity as shown.

    Step #3. Apply the pet door frame to the exterior wall.

    Seal the vinyl pet door frame to the exposed framing members with a quality exterior caulk.

    Screw the pet door frame to the wall studs or blocking.

    Trim the interior and exterior of the pet door application to match the home decor for a custom look.

    When the install is complete the pet door application should have a flush or recessed appearance when properly trimmed for any siding including:

    Vinyl siding

    Aluminum siding

    Stucco siding

    Brick siding

    First dog door approved and endorsed by Veterinarians, Home Energy Engineers, and Construction Industry experts

    Proprietary technologies deliver an air tight seal with thermal resistance providing home energy savings

    Acclaimed for proven sealing capability that prevents air, water, light, and insect infiltration

    Premium flexible three layer pet flap quietly seals, is very easy to pass through, and sets a new standard for pet safety

    The first locking security door that attaches to the dog door from the front rather than sliding in from the top or side. This allows our product to be installed into storm door like a residential window. This allows the installer various installation options to compliment your home d?cor.

    Ideal for dog owners who wish to give their dog the freedom to safely come and go as they please without comprimising home comfort

    Our dog door does what a dog door should do while conserving energy, lowering your utility bills, reducing noise and pollutants, improving indoor air quality, and improving the comfort of your home. The energy efficient qualities have been tested and documented by an independent energy engineering firm that has identified a product payback for each dog door size. Veterinarians approve of our innovative flap design that provides safe flexible freedom for your pet to come and go as they please. What we offer is a dog door that pets can use on their own terms, without compromising home energy costs, consumption, and comfort.


    We manufacture each dog door with non toxic materials and there are no sharp inside corners, springs, pins, or mechanical hinges that can harm your pet.

    Our flexible canvas coated insulated flap closes quietly. Cleans and disinfects to help keep multiple pets from sharing infections. Eliminating cold drafts will reduce the likelihood of kennel cough and sore joints that leaky pet flaps can cause when pets are confined near the pet door

    Home building experts agree wall mount pet doors installed into a wood frame are far more energy efficient than that of a frame made with aluminum or plastic materials.

    We employ the talents of a custom cabinet maker to produce parts from materials that exceed a wide variety of performance goals.

    The flexible flap system is sent to a marine fabrication shop that stitches the engineered magnet into place ensuring many years of dependable service.


    Energy Efficient Pet Dog Door

    Interior view with locking security shield installed.

    Energy Efficient Pet Dog Door

    Interior view with locking security shield removed.

    Energy Efficient Pet Dog Door

    Exterior view.


    Wall Mount Kits include an optional nailing flange.

    Four sizes - Petite, Small, Medium or Large

    Petite Door is Ideal For Cats.

    Small Door is Ideal For Dog Breeds of This General Size:

    English Toy Spaniels, Pekingese, Toy Poodle, Pug, Shih Tzu, Beagle, Basset Hound, Border Collie, English Bulldog, American Cocker Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel

    Large Door Ideal For Dog Breeds of This General Size:

    Afghan, Alaskan Malamute, Belgain Sheepdog, Doberman Pinscher, English Setter, German Sheperd, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Standard Poodle, Weimaraner


    Who should install the dog door?

    Our dog doors install like a new window into the exterior of your home. If you are not the do it yourself home owner, we suggest hiring a reputable contractor, window installer, or qualified handyman to provide you with this service. Our dog door allows the dog door installer to use their building experience and knowledge effectively for a custom application.

    How to I determine the correct size for my dog?

    Determine the proper height and width of your dog door pet flap opening by simulating pet door width and height at home. Do this with adhesive tape, tape measure, and an interior or exterior door. Have your largest pet pass through an interior door that is open just wide enough for it to pass through. Measure that distance and choose a door pet flap opening slightly wider than that distance. Wedge the door open to that inside width then place adhesive tape across the opening from the exterior door to door jam slightly higher than your dogs back to simulate the height of the pet flap opening. Measure down the corresponding height of the pet flap opening and place a second piece of adhesive tape across the door to the jam at the bottom to simulate the bottom of the pet flap opening. If your largest and smallest pet easily passes through the box you simulated you will verify the pet door size necessary and the installation height. Doing this will help you determine what pet door size your pet requires and approximately where to install your pet door with regards to your application.

    Is the dog door easy to install?

    Yes! The self framing rigid pvc trim frames our dog door into your existing door with the screws provided to corectly fit 1 3/4" industry standard residential exterior doors.

    Dog Door Warranty

    All dog doors are inspected prior to leaving the Freedom Pet Pass facility. We trust that your pet will enjoy many trouble free years using your dog door. Your new dog door comes with a 3-year limited warranty against product malfunction due to manufacturing or parts defects. The 3-year warranty does not apply to failure as a result of accidental damage, mishandling, or abuse. Furthermore, we do not warranty dog door performance when installed improperly. The maximum liability for warranty claims is limited to the invoice price of the Product claimed defective. Under no circumstances is Battic Door Company liable for any direct or indirect costs or damages.


    Any damage to the canvas coated thermal pet flap or any other part of the dog door due to your pet chewing or otherwise destroying the integrity of the product is classified as pet damage. Consequentially losses are not covered under this warranty.

    Return Policy

    Battic Door takes pride in providing only quality, energy-efficient pet door products. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may return the item within 30 days of delivery subject to the following return policy. All returned items must arrive in an unused like-new re-sellable condition. The items must be in the original packaging and must contain all hardware and documentation (including original instructions and warranty paperwork). Dog doors that have been installed forfeit any refund. Items returned in like-new re-sellable condition will be issued credit for the purchase price of the returned item. Original shipping is non-refundable. Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. We inspect each return and upon passing inspection. Refunds are processed and delivered in a timely manner.

    Check out our recent customer feedback:
    "That is one seriously amazing doggie door! I wish i would have found you guys before i paid a guy a ton of money to make me a custom doggie door that did not even touch the quality of this one. Thank you so much! " --Beth

    "I wanted to share -- I love the pet door I ordered. The door is so much better than the one I had before (2 see-thru flaps with magnets at the bottom). You advertisement is right on target - no wind or rain is coming in through your door! Thank you for such a wonderful product. I'm recommending it to several others I know who have thought about installing a dog door! " --Sherry W.

    "You guys are fantastic. We always make sure to spread the word about your doggy doors anytime we hear of someone looking into one or questioning one. We are convinced you make the best dog door out there and we can also say that you offer far superior service. Thanks!" --Todd F.

    "Last year I purchased the Large Dog Door for the wall, and was really impressed with the attention I received that enabled me to make choices and have it sent to Australia. After xmas I managed to get some time and installed the door myself. What a great product, no more drafts coming into my home, my dogs quickly adapted and used the door and even better, this door my large Lab cannot crash her way through. Thanks again for your professionalism and assistance." --Lydia S., Melbourne Australia

    "Minus 30 degree celsius and no breeze gets through and no frost on the inside of the flap, I think that is impressive." --Alberta, Canada

    "Writing this from Loveland Colorado! Want you to know that you have an excellent pet door. We have installed one at our house in town and it does NOT leak outside air. Fact of the matter is that the temperature on the room side is the same as the room be it winter or summer! We have NEVER found it other than perfectly closed and sealed. Our cat has made a game of going in and out. It is installed on the north side of the house which is the coldest side. We are planning on installing a second one at our mountain house on the west side, the side that the winds hit us on from the Big Thompson Canyon. We have absolute confidence in this product for that high wind application. We have hurricane force winds here in the Colorado mountains and have personally experienced over 100 mph winds. The old double flap cat door is not at all adequate and lacks the insulating properties of your pet door. When the wind storms come we had to stuff foam in the old door but after we installed your pet door we could forget about having to do that! Freedom for us and freedom for the cat. So if you are considering purchasing this product just do it! It is quality through and through and is built to last and protect your home from heat, cold and wind."" --Maryann from Loveland, CO

    "Thank you very much for nice product and service. The door is already installed and dog is using it right away." --Igor K.

    "I usually don?t write letters about products, but in this case I had to. I have had dog doors for 30 years and have never been so pleased with a product. I recently purchased your large door for my pack and I mean pack, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Boxer, Labrador, and Boston Terrier. As I live in the country, in Alberta Canada, I have always had problems with weather as in wind and the bugs in the summer and cold as well as wind in the winter with all the previous doors. Not with this one. My husband has nicknamed your door, ?Fort Knox?. It is absolutely air tight and looks great. I can?t say enough good things about it and is worth every penny. It is so nice to purchase an item online, get great customer service as well as the product as advertised. I?ve recommended your door to everyone that I know who needs a pet door. Thanks so much!" --Mary P.

    "This door is great. It only took 10 min of treat training and a few days of reminding. It's framed Inside and out to fit in our 1920's craftsman house, fits right in. Love it!"

    "We moved to a new house and had to leave your pet door there...I ordered another for the new house and finished the install today. Once again, thanks so much. Your dog doors are, hands down, the best made and the easiest to install. The one we left at the old house was as good as new (even though it was 3 or 4 years old) and had been used by 2 to 4 dogs for years (german shorthair pointers). This time the door is on the windward side of the house but having experience with your doors, I know it will not be affected by the wind and rain. I recommend your doors whenever possible. Thanks again." --Tim T., Waterford, VA

    "I did a lot of research before I purchased a wall entry door, and I couldn't be happier with it. With winter coming on, my biggest concern was air leakage. After installing it and seeing how well it sealed, my only worry came from my dog, who can be a little timid (I did just open up a large hole in an exterior wall after all!). It took some retaining and encouragement, but now she uses it on her own without a problem. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for a terrific product, and one that's not made in China at that!" --Chris A., Port Townsend, WA

    "We had one of your dog doors in our house in Minnesota and it was truly awesome (it actually was one of the features that helped sell the house!)...we have moved to Utah, and need another dog door!" --Trish P.

    "I just wanted to let you know that your pet door withstood the wrath of hurricane Irene. That door didn't move at all. My canopy on the back porch was bent like a toothpick so the winds were pretty fierce out there. IF you ever need a reference for this door just tell them to call me. It is FANTASTIC! You are a genius to invent this weather proof doggie door. My 7 lb yorkie can get through this with no problem. Thanks again for such a great product. It is worth every cent and more." --Mary Ellen R., Holtwood, PA

    "We've had the petdoor installed for some months now. It took our Corgi a little week to get used to it, but now he runs in and out without trouble. The door is all worth the money and there is no draught or anything to complain about :-) Our dog is happy and we feel good when he is home alone, because we know he can run freely in and out. Thank you for a first class product and a good supplement to a happy dog life."" --Rasmus and Anne D., Denmark

    "Well, my wife and I have waited 5 weeks to write a review for your pet door. We couldn't take the cold air dumping into our walkout basement anymore. Tried 4 or 5 other doors that claim no leakage, or closes with wind pounding on it with no luck. Stumbled upon your pet door in search of the best...and let us tell you, WE FOUND IT!!! This door has to be seen and used to understand how great it is. It's still hard to believe how well it works. Now we keep the pet door open all day long without cold air or critters getting in.....and our 2 Cavaliers love the freedom! We've had below zero degree weather with 40 mph winds pounding on it, and it closes every time with absolutely no leakage, really! It's such a nice pet door, that we put in a whole new door because it was nicer than our 32" door. As the other reviews state, it's really that good and worth the price. You won't regret it one single bit.....Don't hesitate, wish we did this first time around. Thanks to your help we got it right this time!" --Jerry T., New York

    "As custom green homebuilders in Oregon, quality, high performance components are critical to what we do. Early discussions with our most recent customers made two things very apparent: they wanted a new home built with extreme energy efficiency in mind?an incredibly low energy home built to the Passive House Standard (, but one that also held a place for their dog Pippen and had his needs in mind as well. Our initial research turned up a few options, but only one that had actually been tested for airtightness?your pet door! We decided to give it a shot, knowing that to meet the strict Passive House certification requirements we would have to reach extremely low levels of air infiltration on our blower door test. Initially we planned to do our own testing on just the pet door before committing ourselves and cutting a hole in the door to the backyard. However, upon opening up the freshly shipped package, it became quite apparent that the quality of construction and tenacity of the air seal were both very, very high. We installed the pet door without hesitation, and suffice it to say, the pet door did not disappoint--we exceeded the Passive House airtightness requirements by a factor of three! Now, while the homeowners appreciate the incredible comfort and efficiency of their new home, Pippen is happily enjoying his access to backyard freedom." " --Blake B.

    "Thanks for answering my questions and giving me helpful suggestions. The door is in the wall and all trim is 100% installed and finish applied; only remaining item is to camouflage the entrance with a dog house (tight spot). The door is mounted on the west side of the house and the afternoon summer sun is directly on this wall; I can tell the difference in insulation and air leakage over the small door that was replaced. Thanks again for the help." --Kurt F., Idaho

    "This door works better than any others I've seen on the market. After 1 year of use I continue to be impressed with the airtight seal it creates. If there's a more energy efficient pet door out there, I certainly haven't seen it." --Ryan S., Ohio; Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine

    "My 2 boys, both 70lb labrador retrievers, love the dog door. So do I beacuse the flap is really flexbile and seals shut by itself and it never leaks anything into my home, not even wind gust blow it open. The previous dog door I owned was made of metal, aluminum I think, and it was very loud when it closed. Sounded like someone slamming a screen door. Leaked like a son of a gun too. Water leaked inside when it rained. I pitched the the old dog door and the door it was installed into. I bought a really nice paneled door. The videos on the website showed me how to install it even though I payed a professional to do it. Awesome dog door. You will see this dog door in every pet store someday!!" --Mark K.

    "This is the third pet door I've purchased and it will be the last. I looked around forever for a dog door to replace the drafty one installed by the previous owners of our house we just purchased. While Anchorage is not as cold as interior Alaska we regularly have low temps in excess of minus 20. I was a little hesitant at fist to order online and because the door was a little higher than the ones at the big box stores. But, your pet door is MONSTER Good. I keep the garage at 60 degrees for the dogs and it stayed at 60 degrees all winter, even at 20 below! I even measured the temperature near the door expecting it to be lower than ambient--it was exactly the same, 60 degrees. This door ROCKS! By the way...I ordered the wrong size door and you exchanged it, no questions asked. Don't waste your money on any other door. You will be sorry!" --Randy R., Alaska

    "I just got my new dog door installed today and it is magnificent. After years of a dog door that blew more wind into the house than you could believe, despite putting new magnets and trying everything we could to make it work, I finally have a dog door that keeps my bedroom warm and toasty. Last week it was freezing in here, and today it is super warm (I have a woodstove in the next room, but with the old dog door, it didn't have a chance). I worried when I ordered yours that it would not work any better than the old one, but the high quality is immediately clear just on seeing the door, and now that it is in the door, I am so grateful that you figured out how to make a dog door that actually stays closed. And my dog immediately learned how to use it even though it is a bit different looking from the old one. I don't have a digital camera so I can't post photos, but if anyone has an outside door that has panels in the lower half, my handyperson figured out a great way to install it and I'm sure he'd be willing to share that with anyone else. I actually was so blown away by how good it was, that I wanted to write this review so others who discover your door via the web will know it's as good as you promised. Thanks so much!" --Pat B.

    "After arriving yesterday, my door is installed and works flawlessly. No air infiltration, quieter and the design is better than anything else on the market. After installing this one today, I counted the number of dog doors I have installed in my life [7 counting one I put in our barn and a total of 4 different brands] and your pet door was the easiest to install. I did remove my house door to make the cut but reinstalled to fit the dog door into the door. I'm also not convinced that your door is more expensive when you factor in heat loss of other brands, and the number of replacement flaps that I typically have had to install (on average, 2 a year). I have three German Shorthairs and the door seems to be no challenge at all. I was worried since they can see through the old door but not your door. Please use me as a reference. I own my own company so I know feedback is important and also nice to hear. Anyway, just wanted to report back and let you know how happy I am. Sorry to be so longwinded but my old dog door has frustrated me for years. Thank you." --Tim T., West Virginia

    "We are Nemo and Dora from Italy........we would like to thank you very much for the door you company we can go out of the kitchen and back without bothering our owners......they worked hard because the door's kitchen low wooden frame was to they made two platforms to solve the problem. also, now the temperature in the kitchen keeps even all the time and we don't feel guilty as before when they have to open the door to allow as go out and in and the air inside got so cold!! We are very happy now, thanks to your company and to our owners .........we hope the next year will be great for you and a lot of Dogs like as will enjoy your fantastic product! Sorry for our English..... we tried our best.....we know how to bark only in Italian!!" --Nemo and Dora, Italy

    "We have used your pet door for since January 2008. It is still in excellent condition! This is our third dog door within the past 4 years. The other brand doors only lasted less than a year. The flaps would tear and warp due to the extensive use in my kennel. We have about 25 dogs that use this door on any given day. Thank you for such a great product!" --Kristine F., Michigan, Owner, Kay bee's K-9 dog training academy

    "I hope you remember me from Singapore. I had previously purchase 2 sets of your pet doors from you sometime in June (wall-mounted and door mounted each). We are finally done with our renovations (it is ALOT of work!!) and have the pet doors finally installed. Our 3 dogs (2 mini schnauzers and a husky) took a couple of days to get used to the door but this is much better than our previous one where the flap did not close properly and we were always leaking air conditioning. We used to keep the bedroom door open so that the dogs could access to the outside when they needed to go. We don?t have to do that anymore. Our bedroom is now cooler and the air conditioning doesn?t have to work so hard; and we get our privacy while the dogs get theirs when needed. Inastallation was easy and was well worth it." --Randy S., Singapore

    "The dog door is great and my pets and I are so happy with it. My two dogs love their freedom. I rescued one of my dogs and he was very badly mistreated so he suffered from seperation anxiety and barked all day when I was at work. With the dog door I can leave him in the house where he feels safe and secure and my neighbours are alot happier now the barking has stopped. It was a big Job putting it in, my walls are 16" thick, but well worth it. I finished the tunnel with tiles so it looks great and is easy to wipe clean. Thanks again really great invention so happy with it." --Rachel, Ireland

    "Previous metal door/glass frame combinations allowed wind and rain to enter all year round and inside cold air was generated due to the metal door and glass construction. After a year of extensive use, the canvas fabric has not deteriorated and the canvas flap is easy to clean and maintain. Thanks" --Gary S., Michigan

    "I was out of work when I bought this door... so I shopped long and hard. Almost bought a competetors brand at more than twice the price until I googled the manufacturer and got all kinds of bad feed back. I sent the feed back to the company and never heard from them again! You on the other hand... nurtured me along for about 4 weeks, answering yet another question.. and another before making the sale for a med size doggy door. I have two 60 pound dogs. Your door is GREAT! It's REALLY weather proof as far as keeping cold out. I can feel the difference in air temp when the dogs go in and out in the early morning. It took about 1/2 hour and 1/2 box of Cheeze Its to get the bolder dog completely comfortable to walk up the ramp and out the door. (The ramp was the real problem for them not the door.) I rightly guessed that when the older dog saw the younger do it he would follow right behind. This door is something I am very, very happy with! I have literally spent over 12,000 dollars in the last 5 years for a dog walker. So what a bargain to get this Fabulous design, the door is functionality superb. Happy in ILLINOIS" --Tim C.

    "My wife and I love our new Doggy Door. We don't have to stop what we are doing to let our dog in and out. Another great thing is no bugs are being let in the house. We have had many compliments on our new Doggy Door. The other night a friend stopped over and was very impressed with the looks of it and that it was magnetic. The construction and materials is very good. We would reccomend this to any who has a dog. Thank you very much for the Doggy Door" --Bill K.

    "We love this dog door! It's the best we have ever used. Thanks" --Sally A.

    "Your company was more than helpful when I originally had a problem with my old pet flap opening in strong winds. They were very interested in helping solve the problem. Now with the very strong winds the flaps stay closed. I have three dogs that can pass through without any difficulty. I would highly recommend this dog door. The door is energy efficient and very durable, believe me I know we have very active dogs that are in and out constantly. I have had other dog doors over the years this is by far the best one" --Susan, New Jersey

    "Great product I would recomend this door over any others I've seen or tried to date."

    "You may remember me as I am the customer that has the chew happy collies. I wanted to let you know that I am happy with the pet door you sold to me and that with four other brands I tried I was not satisfied." --Jim G., Massachusetts

    "I was a little skeptical when I ordered this pet door. But when I received it, I was wowed, it is really high quality! My husband installed it with little to no issues and it does exactly what it says and is shown in the videos. The strong magnets seal the inside in and the outside out. And my dogs very easily figured out how to use it, too. Good purchase!"

    "I will save 55 dollars a week in dog walking money!!" --Kathleen, Chicago

    "Received the dog door today....I am impressed with the quality!!!! I am excited to be able to install and see the difference or I should say feel the difference because we can see the difference already. Thanks!!" --Cherry B., Wyoming

    "I purchased your product around December 8th and it arrived within a few days. I installed it on December 13 and on December 14 we temperatures of -15 degrees which was a record low for Denver. I was impressed on how well your product kept the cold out. Thank you." --Gary, Colorado

    "Without a doubt best dog door going, never a draft gets through and not even frost on the inside at temps down to -40F, amazing for a one piece flap. Bugs can't get through either!!" --Jeff F., Alberta Canada

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