Home Energy Monitor


Home Energy Monitor

TED 5000 Product Overview

Single phase residential electricity monitor designed for homeowners to monitor and lower their electricity use.

The TED 5000 is an in-home electricity monitor designed for homeowners. This interactive energy management system will provide you with instant electricity updates, in both kw/hr and customized dollar amounts. View data on an optional wireless display or TED's Footprints data-logging software which is available with every TED 5000 system.

Model 5000-C comes with all the components necessary to monitor energy usage, including a sleek wireless display. The TED 5000-C package includes one Measuring unit (MTU/CT set), one Gateway embedded with software, and one sleek optional wireless display complete with a charger and charging stand.

We also offer kits with 2, 3 and 4 transmitters for electrical systems with 2, 3 or 4 electrical panels or sources (wind, solar, etc.).

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Saves Energy - Reduces Utility Bills

Save Energy and Money Now With the our Home Energy Monitor.

The TED 5000 Series is Designed for Residential/Single Phase Systems.

Our residential electricity monitor is designed for homes with single phase electrical service with 200 Amps (or less) breaker panels. Whether you have a complex electrical set up with main breakers, sub panels, large appliances, and wind/solar installations, or if you have one main breaker panel, TED 5000 series is designed to help monitor, store, and analyze your electricity data.

Home Energy Monitor TED 5000 Wireless Display - Use the optional wireless handheld display (available with all "C-model" units) to instantly discover phantom loads, check usage of individual appliances, and see the difference turning a switch on/off really makes. Instantly and conveniently view real-time electricity usage, voltage, and your projected monthly bill.

Home Energy Monitor TED Footprints Software - Use TED's interactive Footprints Software (embedded in all TED units) to chart and graph usage, view historical data and trends, set up TED Advisor text messaging/e-mail alerts, enter local utility-rate information, and create load profiles for individual appliances. Easily export data!

Home Energy Monitor TED Advisor - Use TED Advisor, a Footprints Software-based program that allows you to receive instant text message/email alerts, based on user-defined parameters. Whether you want to receive one text message a month when you are about to exceed your budget, or a daily text message stating your highest voltage reading for the day, you have the power to set what you want, when you want it.

Home Energy Monitor TED's Third Party Apps - Use one of TED's third-party apps to view real-time electricity data remotely. View interactive charts and graphs, set alerts, and receive instant data on your computer/laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and other Internet-enabled devices.

TED Breaker Panel Installation References and Support for Installation:

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TED Energy Monitor

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TED Energy Monitor

Home Energy Monitor

Home Energy Monitor

Our best selling TED 5000-C electricity monitor allows you to view real-time electricity usage on both your computer and a handheld wireless display. Now you can perform your own household energy audits. The TED 5000-C package includes one set of clamps with a measuring unit (MTU/CT set) for the breaker panel installation, one Gateway embedded with software, and one sleek display.

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TED Pro Lite 3-Phase Home Energy Monitor, Max 277V / 200A

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