Air Conditioner Cover
Air Conditioner Cover
Air conditioner cover is white, 27-3/4 x 19 x 6 in deep




Insulated Molded Plastic

Cover is antique white (cream) in color and fits any through the wall air conditioner up to 27-3/4x19x6 in.

Attaches to wall with 4 Turn Clips (Included).

R-5 Insulated.

Prevents entry of cold outside air.



AC Cover Prevents Entry Of Cold Outside Air

Cover is antique white (cream) and secured to wall with clips. Can be painted if desired.

R-5 insulated.

Mounts over through wall air conditioner on inside wall.

Easy to install.

Our AC cover is made from recycled material and is recyclable as well.

Utilizing the combination of our foam and our fastening system, our AC cover will positively seal your through wall air conditioner from contaminants, moisture, construction dust, mold, and fungi, and stop heat loss from cold drafts.

Our AC covers comes in a size that fits most residential through wall air conditioners in the United States, Canada and anywhere in the world.

It is easily installed, and is virtually undetectable once installed.

Our AC Cover has been tested and approved by American Energy Audit, a RESNET Approved Training and Quality Assurance Provider, for sealing through wall air conditioners for air leak tests using positive air pressure at 25 CFM.

Energy savings calculations have been certified by the Chu & Gassman Engineering Company, a professional engineering company, in the State of New York, and have been reviewed by Public Utility companies.

Durable and reusable, they will last many, many years. Discounted shipping available for multiple items - just ask.